Tygerberg Hospital's Superheroes in Scrubs

01 December 2015
To describe an ordinary day in the Paediatric Surgery Department at Tygerberg Children's Hospital would be boring, mundane, ordinary: because our team and patients are anything but ordinary.
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Children are a gift, and the care they deserve is specialized, intricate and delicate. At Tygerberg Hospital, each child is treated with individualized care and attention to detail by our superheroes in scrubs. It takes a special kind of doctor to dedicate her life to saving 700g premature babies from certain death using delicate surgeries; to saving a teenager's life from appendicitis. We love our children, and form special bonds with them, as we follow them on their journey through childhood. We celebrate their achievements and milestones with them, and with their parents. It would be amazing if Tygerberg Hospital could help patients get better in a pleasant environment: with state of the art equipment, and technologically advanced methodology. However, the reality is that we do not always have the means to help them. Wards could do with a fresh coat of paint, theatre time is scarce and surgical equipment outdated.

It's an honour to work with children, and our wish is to provide better care for them. To do this, we need to use modern technology. We appreciate that equipment is expensive, so we rely on the kindness of companies and generous individuals to assist in providing surgical care for future generations. We thank anyone who is able to assist, in the name of all children and staff at Tygerberg Hospital, for your kindness. We assure you, together with the WHO quotation below, that your efforts won’t be in vain. Thank you so much.

"Research now shows that many challenges in adult society – mental health problems, obesity/stunting, heart disease, criminality, competence in literacy and numeracy - have their roots in early childhood… On the basis of the available evidence investment in early childhood is the most powerful investment a country can make, with returns over the life course many times the amount of the original investment."

~ Early Child Development: A Powerful Equalizer
Final Report for the World Health Organization’s Commission on the Social Determinants of Health
Prepared by Lori G. Irwin, Ph.D., RN | Arjumand Siddiqi, Sc.D., MPH | Clyde Hertzman, MD, M.Sc., FRCPC
June 2007


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