Tuition Roulette

23 August 2018
Does an underground casino sound like the “parenty” solution to raising funds for their daughters’ tuition?

Funny man Will Ferrell is back on your screens, playing Scott Johansen; Kate’s wife and Alex’s father. Scott has high hopes for his daughter and is determined to go to great lengths to ensure she has a bright future.

The Johansens find themselves in a predicament after their daughter gets accepted to university, however their community scholarship programme cannot fund her studies. They need to make a plan in time to make her dreams come true.

Attempts to get a loan, a salary increase and Kate’s job back, are unfruitful. Their friend Frank comes up with a “brilliant” idea; uuhm, start an illegal casino (in his house) to raise tuition funds before the summer ends!

This solution seems like a wonderful idea and promptly gets implemented. The operation is fairly smooth in its early stages and customers start lining up Franks’ suburban home by their numbers, raising the city councilors’ suspicion.

The casino faces another problem; Frank discovers that one of the gamblers is cheating. After a being confronted the cheater brags about his criminal boss and dares Frank and the Johansens to do something about it.

Things go really south at this point, and the situation spirals out of their control. Can the Johansens overcome everything to secure the required tuition funds for their daughter Alex?

Find out in this Sunday Night Movie on M-Net 101 at 20:30!