Top 5 Movie Accountants

22 November 2017
M-Net Movies looks at five memorable accountants in movies.

For a profession that’s apparently incredibly boring, it sure pops up in movies a lot. Since Ben Affleck plays an accountant in your action-packed Sunday night movie (yes, we used action-packed and accountant in one sentence), we decided to take a look at five of our favourite accountants in film.

Breaking Bad

We’re starting with a cheat because this is actually a TV show; but Anna Gunn is so good as accountant Skyler White, we had to include her. And let’s be honest, without Skylar’s skills, Heisenberg’s true identity would have come out a lot sooner.


If movies teach us anything it’s that accountants’ lives are not as boring as the stereotype would have us believe. Just look at the insane adventures Louis Tully has when he gets embroiled with the ghostbusters…although his awkward social skills don’t do much for dispelling the accounting stereotype.

The Producers

It went from movie to musical to movie musical, and featured an accountant. Thanks to a plot so ridiculous and elaborate you’ll practically need to be an accountant to understand it, a barrel of laughs, and magnificent performances, Leo Bloom remains one of the most memorable accountants in pop culture. 

Schindler’s List

For something a little more serious, there’s this moving and beautifully shot Best Picture Oscar winner. The magnificent Ben Kingsley plays Itzhak Stern, the Jewish accountant to Liam Neeson’s German title character. Together they create the list of the title, saving hundreds of Jews during the Holocaust.

The Shawshank Redemption

This Stephen King adaptation features what is probably our all-time favourite movie accountant: Andy Dufresne. OK, so technically he’s a banker, but he’s got some nifty accounting tricks up his sleeve that lead to a refurbished library and cold beers.

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