Top 5 Hollywood Pranks

15 September 2015
Celebrities do have a sense of humour.
ocean's 12 hollywood pranks

Teamwork is fundamental to success in many endeavours: whether it’s as a rugby team or between cast and crew making a movie. Hollywood has excellent teams working together to deliver thrilling blockbusters and heart-wrenching dramas, but every now and again a mischievous individual enjoys riling up everyone on set with a prank.

They’re all in good fun and, assuming everyone has a sense of humour, contribute to a sense of camaraderie. That’s why we decided, in the spirit of teamwork, to take a look at five pranks pulled in Hollywood.

1. Cooper and Bale vs. Lawrence

Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale pranked Jennifer Lawrence while filming American Hustle. During a graveyard shoot, Cooper and Bale had a gravestone with Lawrence’s name on it erected with the help of the props’ department. The actress was understandably disturbed at seeing the gravestone; but the joke was quickly revealed, with the two actors pointing out that the date of death, 1 April, is April Fools’ Day.

2. Pitt vs. Clooney

George Clooney is renowned for being an on-set prankster, and his favourite victim is Brad Pitt. However, Pitt doesn’t sit back and take it. Instead, he regularly returns the favour. While filming Ocean’s Twelve in Italy, Pitt sent a memo to the Italian-speaking crew informing them that Clooney insisted on being addressed as Mr. Ocean, and forbade them from making eye contact with him. Clooney retaliated by placing a sticker on Pitt’s car which read: “small penis on board”.

3. Rickman vs. Radcliffe

Even children aren’t safe from pranks. On the set of the third Harry Potter, The Prisoner of Azkaban, Alan Rickman placed a whoopee cushion in Daniel Radcliffe’s sleeping bag. Once the cameras rolled, Radcliffe climbed into the bag and the fake fart reverberated through the hall. Clearly Rickman had a greater sense of humour than his on-screen counterpart!

4. Pegg vs. Pine, Saldana, Quinto, Cho, Urban and Cumberbatch

On the set of Star Trek: Into Darkness Pegg convinced his co-stars that, while filming in a “high-tech laboratory”, they had to wear “neutron cream” and jump around sporadically to “help the ions”. He claimed it was for health reasons, and even made Benedict Cumberbatch sign a fake indemnity form. His co-stars dutifully applied the “cream”. Pegg later read the form Cumberbatch had signed, out loud, teaching everyone a hard lesson about fine print. The document stated “neutron cream does not exist” and “jumping up and down and shaking my hands makes me look like a silly bastard.”

5. The Crew vs. Boyd and Monaghan

While filming The Lord of the Rings with Peter Jackson in New Zealand, the crew took it upon themselves to give Dominic Monaghan his own back, seeing as he was regularly pranking others. Co-star Billy Boyd was pulled into the playful fracas, as the actors were given a “revised” script which had the two hobbits falling through trees, losing all their clothes and then cuddling together to keep warm. The actors were amused and bemused at the “new” scene. While they thought it could be quite funny, they couldn’t help wondering: “How can we do a naked scene in The Lord of the Rings? Can this be real?"