Top 5 Christmas Movies

06 December 2017
M-Net Movies looks at five Christmas movie favourites.
Office Christmas Party

This Sunday M-Net is getting into the festive spirit with your Sunday night movie, Office Christmas Party. It joins a Christmas-themed movie list as long as Santa’s. With so many choices, it’s not easy to choose a top five, but these are the ones we tend to watch over and over again.

Die Hard

Featuring a Christmas party gone wrong, this ‘80s classic introduced us to iconic action hero John McClane. Set during Christmas Eve, McClane must save the day – and Christmas – from a not-so-merry band of terrorists. Bruce Willis, machine gun in tow, cemented his action-hero status and would reprise the role of McClane four more times.

Home Alone

Christmas is a time for family, which is something the McCallisters should have been told before accidentally leaving their son Kevin at home while they jetted off for the holidays. With the house to himself, Kevin takes full advantage…until he is set upon by two witless crooks. Macaulay Culkin shot to stardom as Kevin, returning to the role for the sequel two years later.

It’s A Wonderful Life

Come anytime, but especially Christmas-time, this five-time Oscar nominee is a must-see. Frank Capra’s classic has bleak beginnings, but rallies for a heartwarming ending, thanks to a guardian angel.

Love Actually

Romantic, funny and filled with stars, Richard Curtis’ classic is simultaneously poignant and entertaining. Weaving together multiple storylines, it’s filled with moments that will make you sigh, laugh, cry, and remember to show a little kindness all year round.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

Jack Skellington is tired of organising Halloween year in and year out, so he sets his sights on taking over Christmas instead. Bursting with tunes from acclaimed Hollywood composer Danny Elfman, this stop-motion animation classic blends Tim Burton’s eccentric characters and superb story with a dash of dark humour.

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And because it’s Christmas, we’re also bringing you Trevor Noah: Welcome to America at 20:05, doubling up the laughs this Sunday 10 December on M-Net.