Top 10 New Characters from Game of Thrones Season 3

14 September 2015
Death is often the name of the game when it comes to the game of thrones, so it’s never a good idea to get too attached to any character.
game of thrones season 3

Death is often the name of the game when it comes to the game of thrones, so it’s never a good idea to get too attached to any character. But when they’re so well written and brought to such vivid life by a cast of outstanding actors, it’s difficult not to grow fond of them.

Of course, there’s always a fair share of loathsome types mixed in with the good guys, but it wouldn’t be entertainment without a good bout of antagonism. With Game of Thrones Season 4 starting on Monday 14 September at 23:00 on M-Net City, we decided to take a look at new characters, good and bad, that appeared in Season 3.

1. Missandei
Saved from a life of servitude to become a trusted adviser to Daenerys Targaryen, Missandei started her tenure with the Mother of Dragons as a translator in the first episode of Season 3. She’s grown close to our hearts, and we hope to see more of her in upcoming seasons.

2. Tormund Giantsbane
We’re not too sure how we feel about the wildlings, seeing as how they’re always giving The Night’s Watch such a hard time. However, we can’t help enjoying the boisterous, flame-haired Tormund Giantsbane. He popped up a few times in Season 3, and with the wildlings’ constant presence, we’re sure to see more of him.

3. The Reed Siblings
Jojen and Meera Reed are the children of Lord Howland Reed of Greywater Watch. Gifted with greensight (the ability to see the future), Jojen first appears in Season 3 when he comes to Bran Stark in a dream. He eventually finds the young Stark boy in the woods and, along with his sister Meera, pledges allegiance to House Stark.

4. Orell
In Episode 2 we learnt that Bran is a warg – a person with the ability to enter animals’ minds. But it’s not only little lords who possess this power, as we see in the wildling Orell who takes over the minds of eagles to help the wildlings scout. He was not particularly happy about fellow wildling Ygritte falling in love with Jon Snow, but seeing as he didn't make it past Season 3 we doubt it's bothering him anymore. 

5. Ramsay Snow
This is a man who is seriously disturbed. We may have developed an intense dislike for Theon Greyjoy after his betrayal of the Starks, but his punishment at the hands of the sadistic torturer is a bit extreme. After an excruciating bout of torture, the man behind the madness is finally revealed as Ramsay Snow, the bastard-born son of Roose Bolton. Will Ramsay show Theon any mercy in Season 4?

6. Grey Worm
With the Unsullied, Daenerys finally has a great army behind her. Its leader is Grey Worm, and while he may be a man of few words, we expect great things from the young eunuch.

7. Lady Olenna Tyrell
Did you know Diana Rigg, who plays Olenna Tyrell, was once a Bond girl? She’s now a doting, yet very firm, granny to Loras and Margaery Tyrell. She’s no-nonsense when it comes to matters of marriage, politics, power, and money – of which the Tyrells have plenty. With Margaery determined to be THE queen, we can be sure of seeing even more of her resolute grandmother.

8. Mance Rayder
Mance Rayder was born a wildling but abandoned at Castle Black as a baby. However, he found his way back home to the wildlings, eventually becoming their leader and known as the king beyond the wall. Although he is referred to in the first two seasons, he only appears in the flesh in Season 3.

9. Daario Naharis
As recently as Episode 7 there were new characters introduced. One of these was the Tyroshi sellsword Daario Naharis. As part of the Second Sons, Daenerys wants him on her side in her move against the Yunkai. Whether or not she can trust the Second Sons is a problem that is quickly resolved when Daario brings her his companions’ heads.

10. Princess Shireen Baratheon
We just love the young daughter of Stannis Baratheon, due mostly to her sweet nature and the endearing friendship she has with her father’s right-hand-man, Davos Seaworth. Affected with greyscacle, we first meet Shireen in Episode 5, and just loved the scene where she snuck into the cells to teach Davos to read.

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