Top 10 Green Actors

28 July 2015
M-Net Movies looks at ten environmentally conscious actors.
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They learn lines, make movies, appear on stage, cross over to television, go for interviews, pose for photo shoots, run from the paparazzi and try their hand at writing, directing, producing, singing and doing their own stunts. Actors are unquestionably a busy lot.

Despite all this activity, Hollywood’s biggest names still find time to make a difference, not only to the world of movies, but to the world itself. They’re clearly passionate about the environment and sustaining our planet for generations to come, so M-Net Movies is taking a look at ten awesome actors trying to save planet Earth.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Besides starting the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, the actor sits on the boards of the Natural Resources Defense Council and Global Green USA. The work of DiCaprio’s foundation focuses on climate change, ocean and wildlands conservation, and protecting biodiversity.

Jared Leto

The award-winning actor and frontman of 30 Seconds to Mars is a global ambassador for WWF (World Wildlife Fund). He even made another trip to South Africa to learn more about rhinos and the poaching epidemic that has hit our country.

Don Cheadle

Best known for his humanitarian efforts, Cheadle is also a champion for the environment. The actor collaborated with the UN to encourage policy reform at the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Conference and was named the UN Environment Program Goodwill Ambassador on World Environment Day.

Cate Blanchett

She’s converted her home to run on solar power, and her future plans include trying to run a theatre in the same way. Admirable goals for an amazing star!

George Clooney

Clooney’s star turn in Syriana helped establish Oil Change, a campaign attempting to diminish the US’s dependency on oil. The movie focuses on the Middle Eastern oil industry and a suspicious merger between oil companies.

Daryl Hannah

Quite the active supporter, the former mermaid from Splash was arrested after her 23-day tree-sit in an effort to save Los Angeles’ South Central Farm. Hannah was also arrested in West Virginia where she was protesting mountaintop removal coal mining.

Cameron Diaz

Diaz’s star power sizzles on screen, but she also uses her talent and looks for good causes. She starred in Cameron Diaz Saves the World, a YouTube-friendly movie in which she drives around the U.S. in her hybrid car asking pertinent questions about environmentalism.

Robert Redford

The actor and director promotes solar energy, and has convinced mayors to tackle climate change. Redford was also on the board of the Natural Resources Defense Council for 30 years. He has written extensively on the dangers of fracking, as well as the relationship big oil has with the US government.

Mark Ruffalo

He goes green as The Hulk in the Avengers’ movies, and in his personal life he’s very green too – but not in a literal sense. Ruffalo is passionately opposed to fracking and concerned about the effects that oil is having on the environment. Along with Professor Mark Z. Jacobson, banker Marco Krapels and documentary filmmaker Josh Fox, he started The Solutions Project, which aims to accelerate the transition to using renewable energy.

Brad Pitt

Husband to UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador Angelina Jolie, Pitt is a champion for animal rights, sustainable living and green building. He helped establish the foundation Make it Right, which rebuilds homes torn apart by Hurricane Katrina using eco-friendly technology. Pitt also helped found the Green Products Innovation Institute.

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