12 December 2016
There were a few saucy moments in the tank last night.

There have been a variety of products being brought to the tank to be put on display and punted. We've also seen a few brand ambassadors, including an Lady Trinity as the official mascot for JA Bew, and Louis Carver coming into the tank and throwing her weight behind Hermanna Rush. But nothing could have prepared the sharks, or the viewers, for who Shona would bring into the tank. The doors swung open, and in walked a buxom blonde in a swimsuit! the temperature in the tank shot up. 

Shona's opening line was just as epic as her guest. She didn't go this way and that, trying to explain her product. it was simplye, really, and she put it just as simply. She supports boobs.

Vinny made Shona an offer she couldn't resist, puttting it out there that he supports boobs. Marnus couldn't pass up the opportunity to start a little trouble.

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