This Sunday Night: The Equalizer

03 June 2015
Watch The Equaliser on M-Net this Sunday.

Fans of Denzel Washington can look forward to watching him in The Equalizer this Sunday, 7 June, at 20:05 CAT on M-Net 101 and 20:30 CAT on M-Net Movies Premiere 103.

Many actors have a penchant for working with the same directors time and again, creating classic collaborations that make us sit up and take notice every time we see their names together.

Prime examples that instantly come to mind are Johnny Depp and Tim Burton, Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese, and Antonio Banderas and Pedro Almodovar. Denzel Washington had such a relationship with the late Tony Scott, working with the director in UnstoppableThe Taking of Pelham 1 2 3Déjà vuMan on Fire and Crimson Tide.

Washington has found another kindred spirit in action director Antoine Fuqua. The man behind movies such as King ArthurTears of the Sun and Olympus Has Fallen first paired up with Washington in Training Day, directing the celebrated actor in a role that won him his second Oscar.

The actor-director team are together again for The Equalizer, in which Washington plays a retired government operative who tries to put his mysterious past behind him. When he encounters a young girl under the control of violent Russian gangsters, he knows he cannot stand on the sidelines and steps in to the rescue.

Make sure not to miss Washington and Fuqua’s thrilling collaboration, The Equalizer, this Sunday night, 7 June, at 20:05 CAT on M-Net 101 and 20:30 CAT on M-Net Movies Premiere 103.