This Sunday Night: Interstellar

06 January 2016
From the bender of minds comes a sci-fi thriller to cook your noggin like never before.
interstellar sunday night movie

From the bender of minds comes a sci-fi thriller to cook your noggin like never before. Christopher Nolan is back, in top form as usual, delivering visual mastery and scientific wonder in your #SundayNightMovie, Interstellar.

In the not-so-distant future, Earth faces the bleak aftermath of a crop blight, threatening all of humanity. The solution? Find a new home. In another galaxy. This mammoth task falls to former NASA pilot Joe Cooper. While he’s desperate to save his family from the planet’s inevitable doom, there’s a chance he may never return, and from this catch-22 the story is launched. 

Matthew McConaughey, as Cooper, blazes forth in what has amusingly been dubbed the McConaissance, delivering an impressive performance in his first Nolan film. On board for his mission of derring-do is fellow Oscar winner Anne Hathaway, English actor David Gyasi, and American Beauty/Horror star Wes Bentley.

Missing familiar faces from the Nolan fold? Not to worry. You’ll spot Michael Caine in his sixth movie with the renowned director. Joining him on the ground is his daughter, played by Jessica Chastain, along with John Lithgow and Casey Affleck. And keep your eyes peeled for an appearance from the master of cameos. We’re not telling you who though – wouldn’t want to pack in any spoilers!

As spectacular as these stars are, there’s an even bigger deal in this movie than the big names. No, we’re not talking about the stars in space – although you’ll see plenty of those too – we’re referring to time travel. This is a genre that never dies – whether it’s making us laugh in Back to the Future and Austin Powers, or freaking us out in Donnie Darko and Planet of the Apes. It also gets our melons working as we wrap our minds around the concept’s intricacies and eccentricities.

Interstellar has found its place amongst these greats. Make sure you catch it this Sunday, 10 January, at 20:05 on M-Net and 20:30 on M-Net Movies Premiere.

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