This is Us S1 E5: Recap

03 July 2017
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This week’s episode is all about football but in true This Is Us fashion The Game Plan is not as straightforward as it seems. 


Flashback to a very happy Jack and Rebecca preparing for Super Bowl Sunday where it’s revealed that Jack has shared his football obsession with his wife - and she’s super into it. The pair head to a bar to watch the game. When their friends Miguel and Shelly share a horrible story about their kids, Rebecca asks Jack to promise her that they’ll never have kids, before taking off in search of shots. Jack seems unsettled. He doesn’t understand why they’ve never had a conversation about having children and they start fighting about it right there in the bar. She tells him he knew she’s never wanted to be a mother and he pushes back saying he’s always wanted kids with her. “I'm not there yet, Jack,” she says. “I'm not there yet. I am only 29.” Their conversation ends when Jack gets into a fight with another bar goer and Rebecca storms off.

Beth and Randall quietly remind Kevin that he’s still living with them days after showing up unannounced. Kevin rambles on about how lonely his hotel room is (big suite, 800-thread count sheets, endless mini-bar snacks etc.) Randall impulsively suggests that he and Beth will use the room that night. At the hotel, Randall excitedly looks forward to spending some time alone with Beth - until she announces that she’s late and she’s freaking out because she thinks she might be pregnant. While getting a pregnancy test, Randall complains about how their future will be shot if they have another kid: he had a plan involving an early retirement in Charleston. Beth gives him a quick reality check by reminding him that she’s been a mother for the longest time and she was about to go back to work. Later, while sitting on the bathroom floor the couple talk about the potential good of the situation. Randall lifts up the test and reveals the results: Not Pregnant. They sigh in relief.

Kevin and William are babysitting Randall’s girls (much to Beth’s dismay) and Kevin decides to have them read the play with him. Unfortunately the girls are a touch too young leading to an awkward conversation about death. Kevin is naturally unprepared when little Annie innocently asks “What happens when you die?” and Tess becomes upset when Kevin jokes that William is going to die because of all the pills he’s been taking. Too late he realises that he isn’t explaining death very well and he promptly sends them to bed. When he and William are alone together later, William tells him that he doubts himself too much. William thinks he’s talented and thinks he really has a shot at theatre.

Later, Kevin chats to the girls and talks to them about how infinite life is generation by generation and even after death. Through flashbacks, we see the Pearson kids all watching the football game with their parents.

Kate tells Toby that she has a little ritual: every year she watches the football, by herself. Toby doesn’t get why she won’t include him and decides to invite her over anyway. Kate agrees to watch the game with him but is utterly blindsided when she finds that Toby has invited one of his friends over too. She reaches breaking point when she can’t seem to watch the game without interruption and after she abruptly leaves, Toby goes on a mission to find out what the big deal is about football. For Kate, football is about spending time with her father. When Toby asks to meet him, Kate takes an urn filled with ashes off her mantle and introduces him to Jack.

In the past, Jack makes amends with Rebecca. He chooses her over having kids though confesses that he would have loved to watch football with his kids. Rebecca makes a confession of her own: when she thinks about their future she sees them with kids. She’s afraid of changing their lives and Jack assures her that nothing will change between them. In the present, Kate tells Toby that if it wasn’t for football she wouldn’t have even been born - and we see that the kids were conceived on Super Bowl day.

This is Us Episode 6 airs on Monday, 3 July at 19:30. In Episode Six, jobs are a hot topic for the Pearsons: while Jack grows weary of his job, Randall struggles with the idea of being boring and Kevin continues his struggles as a theatre performer. Watch the promo here.

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