This is Us S1 E3: Recap

16 June 2017
Recap This is Us Season 1 Episode 3: Kyle.

Round three of the thought provoking series This is Us continues, as we delve deeper into the lives of our new favourite TV family. Episodes 2 and 3 are currently available via the DStv Catch Up on the following platforms DStv Catch Up on your PVR, DStv Explora, Catch Up Plus on Exploras connected to the internet, and Catch Up on DStv Now online. Don’t read further if you have not watched episode 3 as the below contains major spoilers.

A trip down memory lane has some interesting revelations in episode 3. Here’s a quick recap:

Picking up the morning after last episode, a hungover Toby wakes up in Kate’s house and hears the most beautiful singing coming from the bathroom. In awe (and maybe still a little drunk), Toby is surprised when the mystery singer turns out to be Kate. The pair chat about her amazing vocal abilities and Toby wonders why Kate never pursued it as a career; she used to sing as a kid and Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time was her jam. Her insecurities about being in the spotlight seem to be her main reason for not wanting to try it out, but Toby isn’t convinced.

Kate is also a little blindsided when Kevin announces that he’s decided to move to New York and he’s also decided that she’s coming with him. But what about Toby? He’s definitely a positive influence in Kate’s life, and he proves it by organising a singing “gig” for her at a retirement home. For the first time Kate sings in front of a crowd of geriatrics and it’s the most liberating thing she’s ever experienced. She’s ready to thank Toby with a little lovin’ until Kevin interrupts them with a phone call- causing a fight between the blossoming couple. Toby doesn’t want to play “second banana” to Kevin, but, as Kate explains, they’re twins and he may just have to.

Speaking of bananas, Kevin is pumped about moving to New York- for about 5 minutes. It’s only when he starts packing up his things that it hits him and he becomes so overwhelmed, he ends up calling over an insane ex-lady friend who, you guessed it, goes insane. When Kate arrives to save the day, he realises how much she’s going to have to give up for him (Toby included) and promptly fires her as his personal assistant. It’s time for these twins to do their own thing for a little while, and though it may not be easy it may just be for the best.

Flashback to the past: a young man and young woman begin dating after regularly running into one another on a bus. As their relationship unfolds, we realise that this young man is William, Randall’s father. Flash-forward to the present: Randall’s mom, Rebecca and her husband, Miguel, stop by his house for a surprise visit. Randall breaks the news about finding his biological father to Rebecca, who takes it surprisingly well. Too well we discover because when she asks to meet William we learn that they’ve actually met before. In the past. When baby Randall was left at a fire station.

Flashback to Jack and Rebecca with their new born triplets. It’s a whole lot of late nights and no sleep, and while they’re both struggling, Rebecca is having the hardest time because she just can’t seem to connect with their new adopted baby, Kyle. She remembers seeing a young man at the hospital the day they went home and decides to go looking for him. A helpful bus driver leads her to “Shakespeare” aka William, the neighbourhood’s resident poet. She recognises him as the man from the hospital and knows that he’s really the father of their adopted son.

A tentative conversation has Rebecca opening up to William about her inability to form a bond with Kyle. William gives her a small piece of advice, perhaps give the baby a different name? He gives her a book of poems by his favourite poet, Douglas Randall. Rebecca accepts the gift, goes home to Jack, and together, they both agree that ‘Randall’ is the best name for their son.

Back in the present, William and Rebecca’s meeting isn’t as friendly as it was in the past. William is defensive: Randall looked for him, found him and brought William into his home. Rebecca reminds William of a deal they made in the past, where she insisted that he never come looking for Randall. William agrees not to reveal that they’ve met before and she leaves but not before warning him about hurting her son or letting him down.

Later, Randall finds his father running away from home as it were; Rebecca’s talk got to him so much that he decided to leave because, “I wasn't the one who raised you…Randall. I was reminded of that today.” Randall quietly convinces him to stay, and they visit an oncologist who, unfortunately, does not have good news about William’s cancer. There’s nothing they can do to save him, there’s nothing Randall can do to help his father.

And on that tear-jerker we end episode 3. This is Us episode 4 is scheduled to air this Monday, 19 June at 19:30. In episode four, a trip to the community pool on a hot day has revelations for Rebecca and Jack, who realise that each child has their own set of struggles.

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