This is Us S1 E14: Recap

01 September 2017
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A little way down the road we find that Jack and Rebecca’s marriage has become quite strained.


Flashbacks of the past take us through Jack and Rebecca’s early married life and it’s been an amazing and happy ride. Unfortunately, that was a long time ago and the two of them haven’t spent much time together. Flash forward a few years later, things aren’t exactly great.

At dinner with Miguel and Shelly, the Pearsons are horrified when their best friends reveal that they’re getting a divorce. Later at home, Jack and Rebecca discuss the news and when Rebecca proclaims that their friends simply drifted apart, Jack freaks out about the two of them. He talks to Miguel about how he and Shelly got to this point and is upset when his best friend tells him that they just stopped noticing one another and that was what ended things. He tells Jack that every couple has make or break moments in their relationship and you either fight to save it or you give up.

Randall has been having nightmares about William dying. He’s also missed out on the fact that Tess has signed up for a chess tournament at school and that Annie has started wetting the bed. Beth wants him to talk about what will happen when William dies but he’s not having it- he gets angry when he discovers Beth talking to the girls about death and Beth is incensed when she discovers that he wants to bail on Tess’s chess tournament for a work dinner. “No,” she says. “I call marriage tonight. I'm sorry, baby. I need my teammate.” He reluctantly agrees, and the consequences at work leave him reeling.

Kevin meets Sophie at a very special diner that apparently used to be ‘their spot’. They get off to a good start but she’s soon mad again and Kevin finds himself chasing her through the subway desperately pleading his case. Sophie listens as Kevin describes exactly what she was wearing the first day she walked into class in fourth grade. She’s also horrified when he reveals he befriended her on FaceBook (under a false profile) just to make sure that she’s been keeping well. He tells her that he’ll be waiting for her at ‘their’ restaurant tomorrow, if she wants to give it another shot.

Kate is fully immersed in the ‘immersive weight loss programme’ and is finally making progress- until Toby shows up unexpectedly with a whole romantic weekend planned for the two of them. Kate declines albeit guiltily, and Toby’s disappointed. Later, he runs into the creeper who’s been making moves on Kate and, feeling insecure, he gate crashes her fitness class. The whole thing backfires though and the couple fight. Duke, the camp creeper, takes advantage of Kate’s vulnerability and propositions her again.

Rebecca’s gig with the band is going well and the only downside is that she hasn’t been home much lately. Returning home one night, Rebecca finds that the kids are on a sleepover that Jack arranged because he’s got a spontaneous, romantic surprise planned. He takes Rebecca to their first apartment as a married couple and they talk about how happy and simple things were. Reminiscing makes them feel like everything is going to be okay, until Rebecca drops a bombshell: The band has booked a countrywide tour- and she thinks she wants to go.

This is Us Season 1 Episode 15 airs on Monday 4 September at 19:30. It’s opening night of the play and Kevin is beyond stressed about his big debut.

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