This is Us S1 E11: Recap

11 August 2017
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Everyone finds that doing the right thing can be quite a difficult task in this episode. 


Kate’s pretty shaken up after Toby’s heart attack and though he appears to be fine- cracking jokes and wanting to play strip poker- she remains worried. When the doctor tells them that he needs surgery to repair a tear in his heart, Kate is shocked when Toby declines to get it done. Later, she finds out that he’s afraid of dying and though he agrees to go through with it, he confesses that he’s freaking out because he’s pretty sure that he’s in love with her.

Randall is struggling to accept that his father a) has a male lover and b) wants to spend more time with said lover than with him. Beth confesses that its quite the curveball and Randall decides to follow her advice and have a talk with Jesse which is incredibly awkward. Later, he tells William that he feels side-lined ever since Jesse came back into his life. William stops him and tells him the truth: the cancer is getting worse and he doesn’t want Randall to suffer with him. He breaks down and confesses that he wants to stop the chemo and Randall tells him that that’s what they’ll do. He also assures his father that he can handle whatever the sickness brings. “Look, this is your home now. You've lived in this home. And if it comes to that, you can die in it,” he says.

In the past, Jack and Rebecca are at the doctor’s office where they learn that they’re having triplets. Rebecca is stressed about finding a bigger place for 3 babies and Jack is concerned about money. While at lunch with her mother, Rebecca’s distress is only made worse when the woman showers her with criticisms. After the tirade, her mother suggests that they move in with her and Rebecca voices the suggestion to Jack- who is astounded that Rebecca would even consider it. Tired and hormonal, she breaks down crying trying her best to hide it from Jack, who overhears his wife’s sobs.

After his surgery, Kate talks to a seemingly unconscious Toby, telling him that she loves him too and that she’s scared but she wants to spend the rest of her life with him. He wakes up and tells her: “I’d marry the hell out of you, Kate Pearson….. It was just like that from the moment I met you, kid.” Kate is in tears. 

At the theatre, Sloan and Kevin impress the director with their stage work. It’s going great until Olivia unexpectedly returns throwing a wrench into all their lives: she wants to be in the play again and she wants to get back together with Kevin. Despite his attraction to both of them, Kevin tells Olivia that Sloan has worked really hard and deserves to be in the play. When she asks him about rekindling their relationship, Kevin tells her that he’s still going to date Sloan- but his reasons aren’t exactly romantic, “You know what? Sometimes you just got to do the right thing. You got to do the right thing, even if it's not what you want.” Olivia leaves devastated and afterwards Sloan, who has overheard the whole conversation, makes it very clear that she and Kevin are done too.  

Jack tries asking for a raise at work but it doesn’t go down well. Not wanting to subject Rebecca to living with her mother, Jack is left with no other choice but to seek out his abusive father. Under a barrage of insults and jabs, Jack swallows his pride, lies to his father about gambling debts and asks him for money. Later, he sells his car, uses the money to buy a house and takes Rebecca to view it. He tells her that it’s a great place to raise a family and asks her if she can see it. She looks around the bedrooms and bathrooms, smiles and says, “Yeah. This could work.”

This is Us Episode 12 airs on Monday 14 August at 19:30. In an episode titled The Big Day we get a glimpse of how the Pearson’s lives really intertwined with those around them.

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