This Is Us Inspires You

06 June 2017
This Is You on a Monday night.

The heart-warming This Is Us continues to stir up your inner emotions. Every Monday night you get up close and personal with Kevin, Kate and Randall and this is some of your thoughts on their inspiring journey.  

The show is a real tear jerker - stock up on those box of tissues.

The show has viewers touched by Jack and Rebecca's complicated but loving releationship.

This Is Us has enough heart-wrenching moments.


It's deep and we mean DEEP!

Fans are already hooked after the first epsiode.

It explores the many troubles we face and can teach you important life lessons.

You become so inspired that you begin to quote lines from the show!

Symapthy said it best - some moments are simply nail hitting.

The drama is outstanding!

It gives us insight into sibling rivalry and forgivness.

It shows us what strong relationships are made of.

Everyone has their favourite character.

You thank us for the show, and we thank you for tuning in.


The story continues every monday at 19:30 on M-Net 101. Share in the jounery using #ThisIsUs101