This Is Us: Adoption

30 May 2017
Sharing stories inspired by the themes of This Is Us.

The latest, award-winning drama to come to M-Net's screens, This Is Us, focuses on hard-hitting topics. From family and adoption to weight problems and cancer, the characters deal with a tumult of emotions.

The show has inspired M-Net to share profiles of those who can relate to themes addressed in the show, and we hope the series and the profiles will inspire you to share your stories with us, or even just with each other.

Episode 1: Adoption

Our journey started with a decision to get involved with abandoned and newborn babies up for adoption as a temporary safe haven, a place of warmth and love where they can have a soft start in life before they join their new families. We’ve made a conscious but tough decision to not bring our own biological children into the world but attempt to make a difference for the countless parentless children in a way we could. Adoption was not part of our decision as our picture of ourselves now was as ‘carers’ and not parents

Adoption chose us. And we are attempting to go through the lengthy process of finalisation as objectively as possible for the sake of being part of this little soul’s life. It’s a big lesson in unconditional love, and even though shedding conditions is not pain-free, there is such freedom in that - in just loving as much as you can.

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