This Is Us 1.3: Terminal Illness

12 June 2017
Sharing stories inspired by the themes of This Is Us.

The latest, award-winning drama to come to M-Net's screens, This Is Us, focuses on hard-hitting topics. From family and adoption to weight problems and cancer, the characters deal with a tumult of emotions.

The show has inspired M-Net to share profiles of those who can relate to themes addressed in the show, and we hope the series and the profiles will inspire you to share your stories with us, or even just with each other.

Episode 2: Terminal Illness

I was 10 years old when cancer first knocked on our door. Frightened by this thing I did not understand.

‘What’s next?’ was the question, ‘Mastectomy’, the answer.

16 years unease and uncertainty have past scattered with moments of despair and moments of hope.
Will the cancer die out or will this uninvited guest continue to knock on our door?

I remember the panic that overcame me when she told me the cancer had spread to her lungs. When will this nightmare end?

She shares stories on the internal evolution, while her smiles display the external revolution.
Smiles of love, hope and faith. A rock that refuses to be shaken. A mother reminding her son that the light will overcome the shadows. We Hang onto positivity and embrace each day one at a time.

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