Check into the White Lotus

02 May 2023
HBO's award-winning show returns. Who's checking into The White Lotus season 2? Find out here.
the white lotus

Jennifer Coolidge is back as the boisterous Tanya McQuoid in season 2 of HBO’s riveting show. This time the show moves to Sicily and has new and, as you can imagine, eccentric guests checking in. Tanya is now married to Greg Hunt (John Gries) and dreams of a romantic getaway with him at The White Lotus in Sicily. Greg has been a great partner to Tanya thus far, but will we see a different side to him in season 2?

Aubrey Plaza joins the cast as Harper Spiller, a lawyer travelling with her wealthy husband Ethan (portrayed by Will Sharper). The two have tension between them as Ethan is more interested in impressing his friends than spending time with his wife.

Ethan was invited to the resort by his former college roommate Cameron Sullivan (played by Theo James). Cameron has a glamorous wife Meghann (played by Daphne Sullivan). Cameron is quite pompous and it is clear that their marriage has secrets and is on a rocky path.

Sabrina Impacciatore takes on the role of Valentina, the driven manager of The White Lotus. She is a perfectionist and somewhat of a loner but has a deep secret of her own.

Haley Lu Richardson joins the cast as Portia, Tanya’s young assistant. She builds a romance with someone on the island and there is more to her than meets the eye.

There are plenty of other great characters, but you’ve got to tune in to find out who they are. Season 2 of The White Lotus promises to be dark, scandalous, and of course deliciously good.

Check into The White Lotus from 20 May on Me channel 115.