The Voice SA Season 2: FAQs

14 October 2016
Frequently asked questions for The Voice South Africa Season 2.
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If you've got a voice to impress, and you've been waiting for the platform to show it off, The Voice SA season 2 is for you. For all the audition info you need, keep on reading:

1. What is The Voice SA?

The Voice South Africa is a reality singing competition that provides a platform for singers of all backgrounds to launch their musical careers, and to be mentored by some of the most successful recording artists in South Africa. In Season 1 of The Voice South Africa, ten singers received recording contracts with Universal Music South Africa, and a number of the talent on the show all had singles charting on South African iTunes. Winner Richard Stirton and runner-up Gavin Edwards each had singles in the #1 spot on the iTunes charts for consecutive weeks.

2. How does the competition work?

Singers are shortlisted from the country-wide public auditions, which are not filmed for television broadcast, by a selection committee comprising a team of musical experts. Once the selection committee has chosen the successful candidates, there will be four on-screen rounds to the competition during Season 2 of The Voice SA:

a) “Blind auditions”: Four coaches, all noteworthy recording artists, listen to the singers from chairs that are turned away from the stage so as to avoid seeing the performers. If a coach likes what they hear, they press a button to rotate their chairs towards the stage, signifying that they are interested in working with the singer. If more than one coach presses their button, the singer chooses the coach he or she wants to work with. The blind auditions end when each coach has a set number of contestants to work with.

b) "Battle Rounds": each coach pairs two of his or her team members to perform one song together, then chooses one to advance in the competition.

c) “Knock-Outs”: The singers who advance through the Battles phase will sing a song of their choice in a performance against another team member of their coach’s choices, after which the coach will decide who advances to the final round of the competition.

d) “Live shows”: Contestants then perform in the Live Shows where the voting public determines their fate. The ultimate goal is to be voted the winner of The Voice South Africa!

3. What is the difference between The Voice and other reality singing competitions like Idols and The X Factor?

The Voice is the only singing competition where a panel of four professional recording artists act as coaches to the singers. The contestants receive guidance and mentorship from these coaches throughout the competition.

4. How will The Voice SA Season 2 be different to Season 1?

The Voice SA Season 2 will keep all of the best features of Season 1, but will add an extra stage in the progression of the show, allowing talent to potentially stay in the competition for longer. There will be four stages in total: Blind Auditions, Battle Rounds, Knock-Out Rounds and the Live shows.

The Voice SA Season 2 will also have more episodes than the first season.

5. Who should enter The Voice SA?

Any person with an exceptional singing voice, who is over the age of 18 and is a South African citizen or resident, may enter. Duos may also enter the show. You may not enter The Voice SA if you already have an existing recording contract with any record label.

6. How do I enter The Voice SA Season 2? Open auditions are taking place in the following cities on the following dates:

Enter online here, or attend the open auditions:

  • Port Elizabeth – The Beach Hotel: 12 October 
  • Cape Town – Belmont Square: 15 – 16 October
  • Durban – Growth Point Kings Park Station: 19 October
  • Johannesburg – Sasani Studios: 22 – 23 October

Auditions start at 09:00, but those auditioning may arrive from 08:00. Keep an eye on the official The Voice SA Twitter page for audition updates on the day. @VoiceSA or #TheVoiceSA.

You can also send a video submission online:

You can submit a YouTube, Vimeo or video link of you performing a song on www.mnet.tv/thevoice  before 4 October.

If your online video does not get you fast tracked, you are welcome to come along and attend the open call auidiotns in the city closest to you too. An email will be sent to the address that you have provided to tell you if you have been fast tracked or not. If you have been fast tracked, the production team will contact you with audition details.

You must submit your online entry before the closing dates on 4 October 2016.

7. Why are there no auditions in other regions?

This year we have included Port Elizabeth to our audition cities in order to accommodate talent from the Eastern Cape. The Voice SA will also be doing a scouting roadshow in the North West, Limpopo, Mpumalanga, Free State and the Northern Cape in association with various radio stations in those regions. Keep an eye on www.mnet.tv/thevoice to find out when The Voice SA team is coming to your province!

8. Who will decide whether I will be going through to the next round?

A panel of professional music experts will determine who will go through to the “Blind Auditions” to sing for the four coaches.

9. How do I prepare for the auditions? What will the selection committee be looking for?

The vocal coaches are simply looking for amazing voices. Prepare a song that suits your vocal style. There might be long queues on the day of the auditions, so the earlier you arrive, the better. Make sure to bring enough refreshments with you on the day of your audition, such as water and snacks, and bear the weather in mind too – if it’s hot and sunny in your city, you may want to pack some sunscreen or an umbrella!

10. Will the contestants in The Voice do pop music only, or is there room for different music genres?

The Voice SA will cover all music genres.

11. If we enter as a duo, can both of us go through to the next round? Or will one singer be chosen only? What are the rules pertaining to duos?

If you make it through to the Blind auditions as a duo act, you will remain a duo throughout the competition. The coaches cannot split a duo in the competition.

12. May I enter if I previously had a recording contract?

Yes, you may enter if you have previously had a recording contract. You may not enter if you are currently in a recording contract with a record label, however.

13. Can I audition with a musical instrument?

In the nationwide auditions you are welcome to use an acoustic instrument of your choice, or you can use your phone to get your correct key before you start your audition. You will have to bring your own instrument with you on the audition day.

14. Will the auditions be screened on television?

The nationwide open auditions will not be screened on television. The television show starts with the “Blind Auditions” when the best singers only will perform for the four coaches.

15. What will the winner get?

The full winner’s prize package will be announced at a later stage.

16. How old to I have to be in order to audition?

You have to be 18 years of age or older to audition for The Voice SA.

17. Do I have to be a South African citizen in order to audition for The Voice SA?

Yes, you have to be a legal citizen or permanent resident of South Africa to enter.

18. May I use a musical instrument in my online audition?

Yes, you may use a musical instrument in your online video submission.

19. When is the closing date for online submissions?

Submit your entry online by 4 October 2016, to stand a chance to be fast-tracked to the nationwide auditions in October.

20. Can I audition with someone else?

Yes, you may enter as a duo with one other person.

21. When and where will the show be screened?

The show will air on M-Net Channel 101 in early 2017.

22. May I enter if I am a professional singer?

Being a professional or semi-professional singer is encouraged in The Voice SA, as we are looking for exceptional singers whether you currently make a living from music or not. You may not enter if you are currently signed to any record label.

23. When will I have to be available for The Voice SA?

If you are selected to take part in the Blind Auditions of the series, you will have to be available to record in Johannesburg for selected days in November 2016. If you progress to the “Battles” and “Knock-Out” rounds of the competition you will have to be available to record in Johannesburg for two weeks in December 2016.

24. Is there a place where I can read all the terms of conditions/rules for entering the show?

You can find all of the Ts & Cs on www.mnet.tv/thevoice

25. Who will the coaches be?

The coaches will be announced at a later stage.

26. Who will the presenter be?

The presenter will be announced at a later stage.

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