The talented cast of Armageddon Time

14 November 2023
A look at the cast that drives this incredible film.

Armageddon Time is a beautiful coming-of-age drama film about a 12-year-old Jewish-American boy called Paul Graff. The film follows his journey growing up in 1980s New York and his family's pursuit of the American Dream. The movie was inspired by director James Gray's own childhood experiences growing up in Queens, New York. The movie explores the meaning of family and friendship and tackles racism and the multi-layered problems one family can face. The film boasts an all-star cast. Let's take a look at them.

Anne Hathaway as Esther Graff
Anne Hathaway is no stranger to the big screen and this talented actress plays the role of Paul's mother. Hathaway's character transformation into an '80s Jewish-American housewife is excellent and makes you question if she's even acting. Hathaway loved filming a story set in the '80s. She once said in an interview that if she pictured her life as a movie, it would be inspired by the beautiful moments spent on her grandmother's porch in 1986 New Jersey.

Jeremy Strong as Irving Graff
Most Succession fans know Strong as Kendall Roy, a role that's won him an Emmy and Golden Globe. In Armageddon Time, he plays Paul's stern father who gives him tough love. Strong describes his character as a Jewish Stanley Kowalski (the character from the play A Streetcar Named Desire) with a PhD. Strong said that parts of the movie reminded him of summers spent with his grandfather in Queens when he was younger.

Banks Repeta as Paul Graff
Banks is a newcomer to the fame industry and his portrayal of Paul Graff will blow you away. He previously had a role in the movie The Devil All the Time where he played the younger version of Tom Holland's character Arvin. Apart from acting, Banks loves to surf and skateboard and also has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Repeta said working with Anne Hathaway and Jeremy Strong was amazing and he was impressed at how Strong could always stay in character.

Jaylin Webb as Johnny Davis
Jaylin Webb is another newcomer to the acting scene. In 2022, he also appeared in the movie Till, directed by Chinonye Chukwu. In Armageddon Time, he plays Paul's rebellious friend Johnny. Webb and Repeta spent a lot of time together off-set to get to know each other better and build a real-life friendship.

Anthony Hopkins as Aaron Rabinowitz
The legendary Sir Anthony Hopkins takes on the role of Paul's supportive and endearing grandfather who doles out great advice along the way. Hopkins' character also has pivotal and memorable lines in the script. The Welsh actor is a big fan of James Gray and said that he is a clever and precise director with many layers to his films.  

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