The secret social lives of the bros – The Bachelorette SA

08 March 2021
Here’s what our gents get up to when they are not in the mansion.
The secret social lives of the bros – The Bachelorette SA

We love nothing more than to spend hours scrolling through the official The Bachelorette SA Instagram feed (@thebachelorettesa). What we love in equal measure? Scrolling through the gents’ personal IG accounts and getting to know what they are really like away from the cameras in the mansion so that we pair them with Qiniso properly in our heads. We’ll tell you one thing: it’s a gold mine of authentic content that’s making us love all the gents even more. Really solid bros!

Instarazzi (Part 1)

Dylan’s secret life involves him not only making music and getting his broken nose straightened (yes 😭) but also being a constant source of inspiration. Oh, and also being an accidental comedian.


Cameron is multi-talented, so it’s no surprise that he is heavily into podcasting, posing with lemurs, anime, and also getting handsy. Ch-ch-eck out the talent.


*Gasp* So Vuyani has a very FABULOUS secret social media life that is dedicated to drip, more drip, and nothing but the drip. When he's not being a cool person, Vuyani spends his time being a cool person that trains and enters bodybuilding competitions. Who would have thought? Amaze!


When he’s not being topless (please don’t stop on our account. It is good) you will find Aviwe having coffee with his ‘brobellas’, getting “meditated and motivated” and also dissecting THAT kiss alongside all of us. 😂


If it’s not #stemforkids (AMAZE!), long happy days at the beach, or chasing waterfalls in the mountains, you will find Craig and his gorgeous pup being the cutest. Just look at this fab doggie birthday party!


BRB! Off to cry in the bathroom because how amazing is this film that Franco shot? Also those temple views? Can't wait to travel again!


Gareth has a wonderful IG feed full of family and friends, plus news of this purchase! Congrats, Gazza. Also, most gorgeous mom 😍


Lunga, on the other hand, is a superfan of quotes. We managed to find these cool shots buried between his inspirational TL.


You’ll be happy to know there’s lots more where this came from. Part 2, coming soon!

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