The many faces of Sir Anthony Hopkins

03 May 2022
Sir Anthony Hopkins at his best.
anthony hopkins

There's no one quite like Anthony Hopkins. The Welsh-born actor boasts many accolades under his belt and has an impressive career that expands over 50 decades. He has lit up the big and small screens time and time again, evoking a number of emotions from his avid fans. This weekend you get to watch him shine in your Sunday Night Movie, The Virtuoso, where he plays the powerful mentor of a hitman (played by Anson Mount). Let's look at the different roles he has brilliantly portrayed.

A cannibal – Silence Of The Lambs

Hopkins has a hunger for acting. His most brilliant and iconic role as the deranged Hannibal Lecter in the 1991 movie The Silence Of The Lambs earned Anthony Hopkins an Academy Award.  His mannerisms,  his line delivery, and his death stare brought this feared serial killer to life. He reprised his role in two sequels, Hannibal and The Red Dragon, in which he was equally deranged, satisfying his many Hannibal fans. 

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A dementia patient  – The Father

Hopkins earned yet another Academy Award for his magnificent portrayal as an old man battling severe dementia. He perfectly captures the suffering one endures with such an illness, and we the audience were so invested in the character as we watched him slowly lose grip with reality. The storyline was raw, emotional, and hard to watch, and Hopkins nailed it.

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A doctor – The Elephant Man

Based on the true-life story of real-life elephant man Joseph Merrick, Hopkins played famous surgeon Dr Frederick Treves in this film by David Lynch. Dr Merrick treated and studied Merricks' bizarre condition and became his lifelong friend. Hopkins played this role very well, and Merrick and Treves' friendship was well captured on screen.

Pope Benedict XVI – The Two Popes

Hopkins starred alongside actor Jonathan Pryce in this biographical drama, where he took on the role of Pope Benedict XVI. He fit the role quite well and as an accomplished piano player, played the piano scene himself. His poise and delivery in the movie were most admirable.

A king – King Lear and Thor: Raganorok

In the 2018 film adaption of Shakespeare's famous play, Hopkins played the title character of King Lear. Who better to portray a man of power other than Hopkins himself? We watched this diversely talented actor play King Lear at the end of his reign as he handed over his legacy to his three daughters. 

He also took on the role of King Odin, the king of Asgard, Hela and Thor's father, and adoptive father of Loki in the incredible MCU movie Thor: Ragnarok.  Director Waititi was very impressed with Hopkins' improvisation and direction of this eccentric character. 

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