A JACKman of all trades

19 September 2022
Taking a look at some of Hugh Jackman's most versatile roles.
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Hugh Jackman is a versatile actor who brings to life every character he plays, an actor worthy of all the adoration and acclaim. Let’s look at some of the diverse roles this Australian hottie has taken on.

A Frenchman 
In the epic musical period drama Les Misérables​, Jackman played Frenchman Jean Valjean, a former prisoner who sets out on a journey to reform his life in post-revolutionary France. Based on the musical adapted from the novel of the same name, Jackman captured the audience with his intensity as he took on such a classic role. Jackman had to lose and gain weight and undergo intense vocal training for the role.

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A showman
Jackman took a stab at singing yet again in the musical The Greatest Showman alongside Zac Efron and Zendaya. He had such poise and charm, whisking us into a world of magic and wonder and showing that he’s certainly the greatest showman of our time

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Jackman’s most epic and legendary role to date. He won the hearts of many Marvel fans as this hardcore and very misunderstood superhero of the X-Men franchise. After seventeen years of playing this beloved character, he finally said goodbye to Logan in 2017. In an interview with Howard Stern, Jackman stated that Russell Crowe was originally asked to play Wolverine. Crowe declined and told director Byran Singer that Jackman would be good for the role. We must admit that it’s very hard to see anyone else take on this role, so thank you, Russell.

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A monster slayer
Jackman took on the role of the legendary vampire hunter in the 2004 gothic horror movie, Van Helsing. He fit the character to a tee as the Dutch monster-slaying hero and brought loads of action to our screens. There’s just something about Jackman slaying monsters and taking on the baddies that we love. In an interview, Jackman said, “Van Helsing is not just a cool James Bond where he shoots the villain, and has a bit of a snigger and a laugh and moves onto the next one, Van Helsing is psychologically very interesting."

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Time-travelling Leopold
Can we just say that Hugh Jackman is good at romance too? In the fun-filled romantic fantasy Kate & Leopold. Jackman plays a man from the 18th century who gets magically transported into the 21st century. He falls in love with the cynical Kate McCay played by the lovely Meg Ryan. Jackman played the character very well and showed us what it’s like to be lost in a world that you don’t understand.

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In the movie, Reminiscence Jackman plays a private investigator who gets caught up in a malicious mind game. Catch the psychological thriller Reminiscence on Sunday at 20:05 on M-Net 101.

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