The Makings of a Gripping Audition – The Voice SA

18 March 2019
Sunday's talent had several of our viewers queuing up for their stan cards. Here's the likely reason why.
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There's simply no denying how much we've all been in our feelings throughout the Blinds this season for more reasons than one. While out-of-this-world talent has been a key element of almost audition, a strong voice alone can't guarantee a turn. That's why we decided to peep your reactions and parce the key elements a contestant needs to possess to win over even the most circumspect viewer and make them feel


Nowhere was this more apparent than in Soné and Skhumbuzo's auditions. The former got a four-chair turn and racous applause singing a song in a language many in the audience might not have understood or spoke fluently. The same could be said of Skhumbuzo's hauntingly beautiful, isiZulu translation of the Afrikaans gem, 'Sonvanger'.

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In both instances our vocalists bucked the trend of a grande, up-tempo record and instead focused their energies on singing every note with emotion and intention to make sure the message and song resonated with everyone. The anecdotes speak for themselves.


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This is a make or break call because it can elevate or sink your performance immediately. No amount of talent will suffice if you don't pick a track that suits your style and range in addition to showcasing the full extent of your abilities. We think Sbu and Emil absolutely nailed this criteria picking well-known, evergreen, pop tracks that complemented their voices perfectly. We'd even go as far as saying they took what the original artists did and elevated it!


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Though this might be a BLIND audition character absolutely matters. A contestant's personality and demeanour will always shine through in their vocals helping establish that all-important connection with the Coaches. Let's not forget the very obvious fact – the crowd CAN see you and if they're thoroughly entertained that will work greatly in your favour.

Lastly, your values, story and charm are what will keep people rooting for you long after your debut and right through to the end of the competition! We think The PJ Twins and Carmen took the cake in this regard on Sunday. Their wholesomeness, unassuming nature, charisma and strong desire to uplift others with their gift warmed everyone's hearts.

Things get even more emotional this Sunday as the remaining talent do battle for the last two spots, one on Team Riky and another on Team Vancoke. With spots at such a premium this is sure to be a recipe for a lot of heartache on everyone's part. Speaking of heartache, if you're already sour because loadshedding wrecked your Sunday and Monday night viewing you'll be happy to know Episode 7 is now live on DStv Catch-Up. You might also find solace in the fact that you didn't suffer alone.

On that note, start watching right here and share your fave moments with us using "#TheVoiceSA".

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