The lovely Arica Himmel

08 February 2022
Find out more about the talented young star.

Young rising star Arica Himmel is the star of Mixed-ish, the hilarious prequel of the equally hilarious and fun-filled Black-ish. Fans have praised Arica's acting and the casting directors for their clever selection of the younger version of Tracee Ellis Ross's character Bow. She's definitely one to watch. Here's more on this talented actress.

She was only fourteen when she got the gig to star on Mixed-ish. She was at the fast-food restaurant Joe's Crab Shack with her dad when she got the call that she got the part.

With no prior knowledge of the '80s, Arica had never seen a fax machine until she was on the set of Mixed-ish.

Her family cat is also named Arica! Her parents decided to give her that unique name.

Her mom is the amazing Zelma Davis, who was a singer in C & C Music Factory.

She loves the '80s fashion on the show and it has influenced her current style.

Her favourite '80s movie is The Goonies.

She is an avid reader as well as a keen TikToker, and she used to make homemade movies growing up.

She would love to work with the incredible Tim Burton one day and is interested in camerawork.

Arica looks up to Tracee Ellis Ross as her role model and drew inspiration from her while acting on Mixed-ish.

Watch her share some more insight about herself, her role on MIxed-ish, and her personal experiences as a bi-racial teenager.

Catch the laughs with Mixed-ish on Fridays at 20:30 on Me, channel 115.