The Infernal Machine delivers a dark mystery

04 September 2023
This thought-provoking movie is a must-see.
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The Infernal Machine is a dark psychological thriller filled with mystery. The movie is based on an episode of the podcast series The Truth. The episode, called The Hilly Earth Society, focuses on a series of strange voicemails sent to an author. After listening to the podcast, director Andrew Hunt was so intrigued, he was inspired to write a script, one that would become The Infernal Machine.

The multi-talented Guy Pearce came on board to star in the movie. He plays author Bruce Cogburn who lives a reclusive life away from society. After Cogburn begins to receive a series of bizarre and obsessive letters from an unknown fan, he is forced to come out of hiding and search for the letter writer. As soon as Pearce read the script, he was sold. 

Alex Pettyfer plays the role of Dwight Tufford, the man suspected of being the fan taunting Cogburn. Pettyfer is known for his role in the series The I-Land. The actor was excited to take on the role because he wanted to star alongside Pearce, a seasoned actor whom he admires. Both Pearce and Pettyfer's performances were praised and the embodiment of their characters is incredible.

Here’s a riveting scene between the two:

Once Bruce Cogburn sets out on his investigation to find out the truth, a box of secrets is opened, and a sinister game far beyond his deepest fears begins. 

The movie takes place in the US but was shot in Portugal, which perfectly captured the reclusive town that Cogburn lives in. The movie has a small cast but they drive the intrigue and danger of the plot, keeping audiences captivated from start to finish. 

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Watch the trailer below.