The #DWTSSA Weekly Dancer Challenge

14 March 2018
A look at the behind-the-scenes challenges we’ve tasked the stars and their partners with!
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Each week, we give the stars and dancers a challenge to fulfill on social media. Here’s how it’s been going so far!

As soon as the show hit the voting rounds we started our challenges, but our first one was for the contestants, and you. The dancers had to post a photo on their accounts and you had to caption it.

There were plenty of cool pics to caption, including Liesl and Ryan’s…

And Thando and Michelle’s!

Plus, we had a great winner!

For week 2, we threw it back to our magnificent movers and asked them to get the ultimate Ellen selfie: as many people crammed in frame as possible.

Cue our clear winner, Connell Cruise!

Up next, Chris challenged our talent to see #HowLowCanYouGo, with a limbo!

And despite some competition from Delron and Angelique…

Liesl and Ryan came out tops with this imaginative limbo remix!

This week, the Stars are sharing the backstage blood, sweat and tears – all the not-so-glamorous effort that goes into the dazzling Dancing with the Stars live shows.

Stay tuned!

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