The Claws Come Out on My Kitchen Rules!

21 August 2017
The Bloem Besties didn’t come to make friends and other key moments, including tweets, from our sophomore episode.

There was a lot to digest in the second episode of My Kitchen Rules SA. It certainly wasn’t plain sailing for “Food Dudes” Rein and Rowan, whose menu was unexpected – “surprise: no braai!” – and inconsistent. And while they didn’t score as well as our week 1 ladies, at least they had the solace of alcohol!

There was inadvertent comedy when Leanne gestured towards her own breast while speaking about how she liked her guinea fowl breast done!

To which David Higgs had a great riposte…

It soon became clear though that the Bloem Besties didn’t come to play nice. Earlier in the episode, Leanne was adamant that she hadn’t come to make friends – and she insisted her partner Liz tow the line.

Then the Bloem Besties seemingly set up a showdown with the two blondes, Kelly and Claire. The former responded by saying of the non-blondes, “There’s a lot of me, me, me.”

Once again, it was Bruce throwing the most shade though, calling the guinea fowl “a terrible dish,” which lead Leanne to say that he has “a very unique palate.” But Leanne agreed with him - and Liz with her – that the dish was a flatline.

@MisLea29 on Twitter had a priceless reaction:

So, the Bloem Besties are in (four teams make the next round), but it’s perilous for Rein and Rowan. Excitingly, we also got glimpses of our upcoming #MKRSA contenders!

Check them here:

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