The Characters Of Lovecraft Country

07 January 2021
The intriguing people of Lovecraft Country.
Lovecraft country

HBO's Lovecraft Country is based on the riveting and dark novel by Matt Ruff. The show perfectly captures the horror Atticus "Tic" Freeman faces in the sinister and racist town of Devon County, Massachusetts. We must admit this show, and its cast, looks incredible. Check out the captivating actors that drive it.

Jonathan Majors plays lead character, Atticus Freeman, often simply referred to as Tic, a veteran of the Korean War who goes in search of his missing father in Massachusetts. His journey leads him to dark discoveries, monsters, unspeakable truths, and an ongoing battle with a secret society called the Order of the Ancient Dawn. Jonathan Majors rose to fame after starring in the movie, The Last Black Man in San Franciso.

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The very talented and well-known Jurnee Smollet takes on the role of Letitia "Leti" Lewis, an old friend of Tic's who is battling her fair share of demons. She enlists the help of Tic to help uncover truths of her own while getting wrapped up in his equally deadly adventure. Together they must survive the dark forces and spirits that want to devour them.

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Renowned actor Michael K. Williams stars in the show as Tic's father, Montrose Freeman. His invitation to his son to discover his roots leads them both into a world of madness and horror. HBO fans will remember Williams from his captivating performance as the smart-talking Omar Little on The Wire. 

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Model and actress Abby Lee stars as Christina Braithwhite, the daughter of one of the leaders of the Order of the Ancient Dawn. She possesses mysterious powers and serves as an antagonist in the show and is full of terrifying tricks.

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Jamie Chung plays Ji-Ah a nursing student and love interest to Tic. She's calm, quiet, and composed on the outside but holds a deep secret of her own. She doesn't appear to be all she seems. Chung starred in several movies and you might recognise her as Mulan from the TV show Once Upon Time.

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Nigerian-born actress Wunmi Mosaku shines as Ruby Baptiste, the charismatic half-sister of Leti. She has a thirst for great power and is wrapped up in the sinister game as well.

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Watch the horror unfold on Lovecraft Country on Tuesdays at 21:40 on M-Net City.