The Cast of The Chi

01 March 2021
Get to know these cool actors a little more
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The Chi takes a look at the dark side of life on the South Side of Chicago. The show is known for its rawness and compelling storytelling through the eyes of the multi-dimensional characters. The cast is excellent, but what are they like off-camera? We snooped on their Instagram and got the scoop!

Shamon Brown JR.

Shamon has a close friendship with his fellow co-stars. Here's a pic of them taking a ride on the wild side.

This multi-talented actor shared a teaser on an upcoming project that he's currently working on. We're eager to find out what it is and will be watching his space carefully.

Alex Hibbert

The smart actor is quite the style icon and he oozes with cool in and out of the show. Here's some of his finest wear.

That cap has got us green with envy 😜

No caption needed!


Yolonda Ross

This black queen has so much charisma, and a charming aura that is unmatched and here to represent!

She shared this behind-the-scenes shoot for Cadillac with actor Jeremy Strong as she joined forces with Cadillac for their #AudacityOfBlackness campaign.

Watch the riveting advert that celebrates and honours being black 👏👏


Bugundi Baker

This stunning actress shared photos of her pregnancy and they're beautiful! Let's celebrate life with her as we take a look at her journey.

Beauty beyond wonder...

Priceless moments!

Here's her little girl Blaize, as striking as her mama 😍

Jacob Latimore

The superb actor shared his cardio routine with fans and it's no doubt that he's uber-fit. Levels we tell you!

He's also an accomplished dancer and is starring in hip hop artist Mia Ariannaa's sexy music video.


Micheal V Epps. 

Michael shared this cute photo of him and his little brothers. We wonder if they'll follow in big brother's footsteps and take on acting?

Did you know he starred in an episode of NBC's Chicago Fire?

Tune into The Chi on Thursdays at 21:40 on M-Net City. If you enjoy this, you might also like The Godfather of Harlem, now streaming on Showmax.