The best sidekicks of 2021

09 December 2021
Fur babies and humans have done the most on M-Net shows.
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Some things go together naturally. Bread and cheese. 🍞 Fuzzy warm blankets on cold days. ❄️  Braais and beer.  🍺 You get the picture. Okay now imagine a scenario if Petra did not have Sanele as a BFF on Legacy? Or if Robbie didn’t have bestie Cranston at his side, also on Legacy? That is simply unimaginable! There are a few characters we’ve seen across our shows that deserve the best sidekick award for 2021 and here they are.

Number five

Angelique’s dog, Bella on Legacy 
This little floof literally sits on the lap of luxury. When James threatened the family, she was put in a five-star doggy hotel for safety.

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Unfortunately for Felicity though it is also Bella who dug up her father’s bones from the rose garden. The father she buried there and it set things in motion for the second season of the show.

Number four

Legacy’s Cranston and Robbie
Cranston and Robbie is the bromance we wish we all had, truly! Cranston is funny, warm and incredibly supportive of his friend discovering that he is actually a part of the Price family.

Number three

The ginger cutie pie on Love Island South Africa
As Tania and Ross were chatting in the aftermath of a surprise recoupling, the gorgeous ginger cat stole the show.

Number two

The Bachelorette’s show host, Jason Greer
South Africa’s Bachelorette Qiniso Van Damme and show host Jason Greer have a bond like no other. And it warms up our souls.

Greer’s reaction here is priceless!

Number one

Sanele on Legacy

This comes as no surprise that Sanele, Petra’s friend on Legacy takes the top spot. He is always there for her and telling her hard truths she doesn’t want to face. He becomes a part of the Potgieter family so easily.

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