The best moments of Insecure

01 April 2022
Here are some of our favourite moments from the show.

Warning some clips may contain strong language.

We've seen tears, joy, and loads of crazy fun in all seasons of this critically acclaimed show. One thing's for sure, where Issa and her friends are at, there's bound to be some sort of drama to follow. Let's watch some of the best moments from the show.

Love you still

We loved this heartwarming scene where Issa visits Lawrence at his new apartment. After sussing out the vibes, the two have an emotional heart-to-heart, and the two former lovebirds re-ignite their old flame. 

Great date vibes

This was such a cute moment. Andrew and Molly's unofficial first date was so real, so refreshing, and so good. They certainly had some sot of chemistry from the get-go. We must admit, we wouldn't mind going on a date with Andrew either, he seems like a real catch!


The beans are spilled!

Talk about awkward! Issa finds out that the secret man Condola is dating, is indeed Lawrence. The two try to play nice and brush it off as nothing, but hey imagine if your friend or business partner ended up with the ex you are still madly in love with!

Shopping spree!

Issa and Molly share in the Thanksgiving holiday cheer, and bond over their Thanksgiving plans. We see how they deal with their different family dilemmas, and how the holidays make you take a look at your life.


Issa and Molly make up

After their fallout, nasty words were thrown and there were many missed calls in between. But Issa and Molly finally reunited in this touching scene. The mood, the music, and the panning out of the camera were nothing but perfection. Insecure fans worldwide were finally relieved.

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