Better Call Saul's best cons

13 September 2022
Looking at some of the best moments from the king of cons!
Better Call Saul

From a conman to the man to call! Saul Goodman is a fast-talking, quick-thinking lawyer and master of disguise. The art of con lives in his blood. Let's look at some of his best cons from the show.

Saul impersonates a pastor

Saul certainly knows how to pull off that Louisiana accent! His delivery was on point when he was fooling prosecutor Suzanne Ericsen when she was investigating his former bodyguard and pal Huell Babineaux. This scene left most viewers in stitches. Gotta love good old Saul!

Saul dresses up as Howard

Warning: spoilers! Saul certainly can pull off a good disguise – like when he dreamt up an elaborate scheme to frame Howard and tarnish his public image. While Howard was at a therapy session, Saul took Howard's car for a ride in full disguise: hair, fake tan, and all!  He then set off to put his full scheme into motion the way only Saul can.

Sabotaging Howard's lunch

Saul got two prostitutes he represented in court to bring a bigger crunch to Howard's business lunch. The ladies showed up and demanded he paid them, giving the impression he had once hired them! This con was hilarious but we do feel bad for poor Howard. We guess that lunch cost him more than he expected!

Saul brings a fake veteran to sneak into an airbase

Nothing could stop Saul from filming one of his funny adverts, and when he needed to use an airbase for his next big ad, he pulled off the ultimate stunt. He bound a fake veteran to a wheelchair, thought up an incredible story, and got his wish. Let's just say this con was flying high. 

Saul sabotages Chuck's insurance claims

Saul and his brother Chuck always butted heads and never saw eye to eye. Remember when Saul took a stab at bringing his brother Chuck down by sabotaging his insurance claim? He spun an emotional story to an insurance representative and she took the bait! Bob Odenkirk's acting in this scene is incredible and very real. 

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