The A to Z of Game of Thrones Season 7

11 July 2017
Everything you need to know about the latest season of the hit fantasy show.

The seventh season is upon us. If you didn’t get a chance to binge watch Game of Thrones Season 6 and refresh your memory on all things Westerosi, here’s a handy A to Z to guide you into Season 7.


The Season 6 finale left us in no doubt as to the prowess of Daenerys' army, what with her hordes of Dothraki and Unsullied, a Lannister as the Hand of the Queen, the support of the Greyjoys (some of them), the Martells (what’s left of them), the Tyrells (what’s left of them) and most significantly, her dragons. But the Starks and the remaining Lannisters aren’t exactly heading into the great war empty-handed. And then, there’s the Night King and his army of the dead to keep in mind…

Behind the Scenes

It takes a lot of work to bring all the blood, battles, glory and gore of the show to life. Meet the talented artists and artisans behind the costumes here and the special effects here

Coming Home

Season 6 finally saw the reunion of Stark siblings, Jon and Sansa – actually cousins, since the season also revealed Auntie Lyanna as Jon’s mother. Together Jon and Sansa won back Winterfell from Ramsay Bolton; but what about the remaining Starks, Arya and Bran – now an accomplished assassin and warg, respectively? Will they ever see Winterfell again? Daenerys, meanwhile, is racing home across the Narrow Sea to Westeros to claim her place on the Iron Throne.


Daenerys’ goat-munching, fire-breathing trio – Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion – are back!


At last year’s ceremony Game of Thrones overtook Frasier when it became the most celebrated scripted series in the awards’ history. FYI: Frasier won 37 Emmys during its eleven-year run; in just six years Game of Thrones has already swept up 38.

Fewer Episodes

The first six seasons consisted of ten episodes each, but the seventh season only consists of seven episodes. But less is more! We’re sure less episodes will only mean more drama, more death, and more dragons!


We last saw him in Season 3, squirrelled out of the clutches of Melisandre by Davos Seaworth. He’s son to Robert Baratheon, who sat on the Iron Throne before Cersei, Tommen, and Joffrey did. However, as an illegitimate son, Gendry doesn’t have a legitimate claim to the throne. Will we ever see him in the show again?


Will we learn more about Jon Snow’s hushed up past? Will Jon Snow learn more about Jon Snow’s past? He can’t know nothing forever. Either way, what we’re really hoping to see more of is Bran’s trippy time travel that allows us these glimpses of family history.

Ice and Fire

Between that monstrosity of a wall and Dany’s fire-breathing dragons, we’re sure the TV series will continue living up to the title of the book series upon which it’s based. In case you missed it, Game of Thrones is the title of the first book, while the entire series is called A Song of Ice and Fire.

July 17, 2017

The day Season 7 premieres in South Africa, simulcast with the U.S. at 03:00 and in prime time at 21:30, on M-Net.

King’s Landing

It should actually be called Queen’s Landing now, what with Cersei perched on the Iron Throne. But how long will she remain in that coveted spot?


The Starks and the Lannisters are split geographically, but the Lannisters are split in other, far more damaging ways. While Cersei presides over King’s Landing, Tyrion has sworn allegiance to House Targaryen. Jaime, while still on the Lannister side, appears a bit apprehensive about his sister’s grab for power.


Game of Thrones has plenty of musical talent in its cast, and plenty of musical talent outside the show who love it as much as the rest of the fans. This has led to many musical cameos throughout the seasons, including Will Champion from Coldplay, Of Monsters and Men, Sigur Rós, and Gary Lightbody from Snow Patrol. Season 7 will continue this tradition, casting Ed Sheeran as a treat for Maisie Williams (who plays Arya Stark).

New Cast Members

The most talked about addition to the show is Oscar-winning, English actor Jim Broadbent. Meanwhile, Tom Hopper has taken over the role of Dickon Tarly and Megan Parkinson has been cast as Alys Karstark. Will any other new characters pop up in Season 7? We can’t wait to find out.

On Social Media

Social media is going to be buzzing with all things Game of Thrones, so beware spoilers! If you’re all caught up, follow the global conversation with #GoTS7 #GameOfThrones and #WinterIsHere. Localise your search by including #MNet101.


The promos have given us a great taste of what’s to come! If you haven’t watched them (we’re sure you have) check them out (again) here and here.

Queen Cersei

She is finally where she’s always wanted to be: the Iron Throne. The only Lannister daughter has always been a formidable foe; but now, having lost all her children, her wrath is ten-fold.

Ramin Djawadi

You may have spotted his name in the opening credits, but if not, you’ll definitely know his music. Yes: he’s the man behind the incredibly famous, incredibly recognisable, gets-stuck-in-your-head-for-hours title sequence theme. Djawadi is also behind the rest of the score and his work is breathtaking. Go behind the scenes with the composer here to learn more about his work on the show.


Jon has been declared the King of the North, but he’s never been one to grab for power or position. Nevertheless, living in the shadow of brother/cousin Robb and often looked down upon due to his assumed bastard lineage, he seemed pretty chuffed at hearing Northerners chant his name at the end of the previous season. But when it comes to who’s really orchestrating the Starks’ moves in the game of thrones, we think that honour goes to Sansa. And what about Bran and Arya? They’re on their way to Winterfell, presumably time travelling and assassinating as they go.


Considering that Robert Baratheon gained the throne by usurping Aerys Targaryen, his daughter Daenerys technically belongs on the prized seat of power. However, if Jon’s father proves to be Dany’s brother Rhaegar Targaryen then Jon – as the male heir - has the rightful claim. But with Cersei on the throne, she’s thrown the sexist precedent right out the window of King’s Landing. Besides, there’s no way Dany would let a mere trifle like a newfound nephew nudge her off the throne.

Unusual Running Times

Each of the episodes is approximately an hour long, with the season finale set to be a whopping 81 minutes.

Valar Morghulis

The most shocking thing the show runners could do is not kill off anyone. But we know that’s not going to happen. All men must die.

White Walkers

We’re calling it the season of the white walker. They’ve been an impending threat since Season 1. Now they’re very much an in-your-face threat. Not that it’s stopped the houses from scrambling for power. Will they come to their senses and unite against a common foe?

Xennial, Millennial and Generation X

The show is watched by, literally, millions of people and most of them fall into these categories. Of course, that hasn’t stopped older folks from watching it and younger folk wanting to.


That’s what you’ll be doing if you’re getting up early to watch it simulcast at 03:00 every Monday on M-Net. But remember: you can PVR it, watch it on DStv Catch Up, or in prime time every Monday at 21:30 on M-Net.


This little town is one of the show’s many filming locations in Spain. In addition, the latest season was also shot in Northern Ireland and Iceland. Learn more about the location shoots by going behind the scenes here.

Watch Game of Thrones Season 7 every Monday simulcast at 03:00 or in prime time at 21:30, starting 17 July on M-Net.

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