Sunday Night Movies this April

17 March 2016
Check out your Sunday night movies on M-Net this April.

3 April: Focus

Did You Know: Margot Robbie didn’t really know who Will Smith was when she auditioned for the role.

Why You Should Watch It: Margot Robbie, of course! The up-and-coming Aussie has impressed in films like The Wolf of Wall Street and The Big Short, and can be seen in the upcoming Suicide Squad.

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10 April: The Gunman

Did You Know: Sean Penn helped write the script, which is based on a French book.

Why You Should Watch It: Mark Rylance, this year’s Oscar winner for Best Supporting Actor, is in it. Devoted as he is to the stage, he’s only made a handful of films, so it’s worth checking out some of his work.

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17 April: Spy

Did You Know: The film was shot in Budapest, where a lot of the action takes place; but the city also served as a double for Paris and Rome.

Why You Should Watch It: It is one of Melissa McCarthy’s best films, and easily one of the best female characters in cinematic history.

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24 April: The Duff

Did You Know: Mae Whitman chose her own playlist for the dance scene in the mall.

Why You Should Watch It: Growing up isn’t always easy, and there’s nothing quite like a coming-of-age movie to remind you of the lows. But every low is a turning point or a learning curve, inspiring you for tomorrow, whether you’re in your teens, just out of them, or way past.

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