Suits Season 5 Recap

28 January 2016
Here's a quick refresher of Suits Season 5.
suits 5

After the way Suits ended last year, we’ve been itching to watch the rest of Season 5. The good news is, it’s back on your screens Express from the US.

Commencing with Episode 11, you can watch Suits Express on M-Net every Friday at 02:30 from 29 January, or in prime time every Thursday at 19:30 from 4 February. For a quick recap of all the drama, check out the gallery below:

Episode 1: Donna offers to work for Louis
Episode 2: Mike agrees to sign a pre-nup
Episode 3: A furious Donna tells Harvey she will never work for him again
Episode 4: Louis’ sister Esther enters the scene
Episode 5: Tanner tries to pull a fast one on Harvey and Mike in court
Episode 6: Donna starts working on wedding plans for Mike and Rachel
Episode 7: Harvey and Louis get into a fight over Esther
Episode 8: Mike’s past starts catching up with him
Episode 9: Harvey’s career, and Mike and Rachel’s relationship, hangs in the balance
Episode 10: Mike is arrested
Episode 1: Donna offers to work for Louis