Station 19: A Peak Through the Smoke

25 June 2018
What to expect from the phenomenal Grey’s Anatomy spin-off show

Station 19 follows the story of a fearless and very talented firefighter whose father is the captain of the firehouse. Along the way we also meet the other firefighters at the station through their daily duties and personal dramas.

Station 19 is located near Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital, the hospital in which Grey’s Anatomy takes place. Ben Warren, a former character on Grey’s Anatomy, is a doctor turned firefighter in the series. The characters of the spinoff were introduced to viewers on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy as part of an interesting cross-over idea.

So, what can viewers expect from this awesome showMuch like Grey’s Anatomy, you can expect loads of drama and romance from inside the firehouse to their lives as off-duty firefighters. As with any series or movie about firefighters, you can expect tense, gripping scenes from inside burning buildings as the characters of the show dedicate their time to saving lives in multiple action-packed scenarios.

Brought to you by the same executive producer of Grey’s Anatomy, viewers can ultimately expect the complex personal problems and conflict from characters, with the added value of heroic action and suspenseful rescue missions which will have you watching between your fingers.

Catch Station 19 every Monday at 19:00 on #MNet101

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