State Of The Mansion: It all falls down – The Bachelorette SA

18 March 2021
The gents are taking strain emotionally, and it's not a pretty sight!
State Of The Mansion: It all falls down – The Bachelorette SA

We’ve witnessed a camaraderie and collective bromance in the mansion that is rare to find where men have gathered to “compete” for the affections of one woman. But there’s something bigger that’s seeped into the mansion that we didn’t think we would see so soon: messy emotions!

No one ever said things would be easy on this weird and wonderful journey to finding true love, and if the gents thought this was an exaggeration at the start of their journey, we can bet our bottom rand they are believers now.

Breaking down

Over the last two weeks, a couple of gents have been thrown into the pressure cooker. Keelan, for example has been more tense and more “in his head” lately as a result of Qiniso forming bonds with other men in the mansion. Keelan was one of the first to build an emotional connection with our Bachelorette after bravely opening up about cheating in a previous relationship (and the first to get a kiss). His honesty helped spark up a bond between him and Qiniso that seems to be holding for the latter, but leaving the former confused.

                                                                                                       Sealed with a first kiss:


Unfortunately, with every successful One on One Date Qiniso goes on without Keelan, every rose handed out and every steamy kiss shared with some of the other gents, Keelan looks like he is coming undone. “He’s freaking out a bit,” Ruan said in a recent episode. But honestly, we can’t blame Keelan. No one wants to share the affections of the person they like, but then again this is the nature of life in the mansion. Keelan needs to hold on and trust his connection with Qiniso, because she seems to like him very much.

School daze

Our competitive (and messy 😂) side loves that Peter whips out the “I went to primary school with Qiniso” card every time talk of “connections” sparks up (because it makes the rest of the gents nervous) but is constantly speaking on the past, instead of making plans for the future, holding Peter back? We’ve seen how hurt he gets when other gents go on dates with his queen and always notice how torturous it is for him to see other guys sweeping Qiniso off her feet at the Cocktail Parties. Speaking of Cocktail Parties, Peter was the most vocal during Poolgate last week (when Dylan and Cameron took a dip) – and had strong feelings about it because "they did it to get attention" – attention that may be taken away from him, perhaps? 👀  When asked if he's doing ok, Peter always insists “I’m fine,” then he does his infectious schoolboy giggle and keeps it moving – but is he really? 

                                                                                                             Feeling aggrieved:


Mouthing off

One of the most jaw-dropping displays of emotion this season came by way of Kyran’s unexpected outburst (albeit delivered quietly) at last week’s Rose Ceremony when he found out his journey had ended ­– and he wouldn’t be receiving a rose. Kyran imploring Qiniso to “check your own bull ***” left us all shook because it was so unexpected. But was this a sign that many breakdowns are on the way?

                                                                                                                Tempers flare:

True love is a beautiful thing, but the journey to finding it is tough. We are not in Qiniso’s shoes and neither are we in the gents’, so we have no idea how it feels and have no inkling what they are going through. All we can do is send love, support and good vibes to help them along. Godspeed, guys and gorgeous gal!