State of The Mansion Address: Rating the gents

16 February 2021
Our very first State of The Mansion address is dedicated to the state of first impressions.
TBFSA1 Ep1 3538

Although there were plenty (15 to be precise) of first impressions to be “had” on the first night, a wrench was thrown in the works at the end of the Cocktail Party – and no First Impression Rose was bestowed upon any of Qiniso’s suitors (thanks to THAT crazy cliff-hanger). While we wait with bated breath to see who will step out of the limo, let’s don our investigative journalist hats, decipher the chemistry and try to see who will possibly snag said rose (should it be handed out).


“This man has just thrown the whole The Bachelorette away. He just came as himself.”

Dylan seems to have made quite the impression on our Bachelorette. Apart from cycling in leisurely on a mountain bike (which he promptly left in the bush), Dylan made a mixtape and handed it to Qiniso on the Red Carpet, which Qiniso adored! These two are quirky and playful and know how to get the party started, so they really do seem like kindred spirits, which is great. Definitely a contender for the First Impression Rose.



“I’m a girl who just kicked a ball in heels”

Aviwe’s a model (obvs) so he’s quite the dish. However, we all know Qiniso’s looking for more than just a pretty face. Luckily, Aviwe seems smart and grounded too, which appeals to Q’s sensibilities. However, we noticed Qiniso didn’t speak much as Aviwe approached her on the Red Carpet, which was interesting in itself. Does this mean he took her breath away and she likes him more than she let on at the introduction? PS – We love how Aviwe even got Qiniso to do something she’s never done before; kick a soccer ball in heels.



 “Here’s a little piece of home coming towards me”

Henk aka ‘Swazi’ was the first gent to step out of the limo, onto the red carpet – and it cannot be denied that the connection was instant. Qiniso and Henk share Swazi roots so when he draped a traditional beaded Swazi necklace (ligcebesha) around her neck, Qiniso couldn’t stop smiling. Swazi seems like a laid-back gent and he works with children, which means he is nurturing and patient. There's a chance that this is where the First Impression Rose might go.



“I am so smitten. He’s so cute in his jacket – and he personalised his gift!”

Bradley aka Ladies Love Blue Eyes (LL Blue E😍) had loads of fun on the Red Carpet with Qiniso. He got her to beatbox, while he dropped bars and rapped a verse he wrote about how stunning she is. Very impressive! Qiniso didn’t hold her tongue when she first laid eyes on Bradley and went to town about how handsome he looked. And Bradley’s choice of Red Carpet gift caught Qiniso’s eye too because of its thoughtful nature. We have a good feeling about this one!



“He is just ready! He is welcoming ME, actually”

Kganya stepped out of the limo, dazzling smile in tow and handed Qiniso blank pieces of paper that represent the exciting adventures to come. He was warm and kind and Qiniso noticed this about him instantly. In his confessional, Kganya mentioned how excited he was to meet not only Qiniso, but “the brothers I can hold dear forever.”  Seems like a great guy all-round – and you know how much we all love good guys!



“OMG I love all of this confidence. And the hair” 

Ten and Qiniso connected at first meet on the Red Carpet and even discovered they both lived in Madrid, Spain at a point. It’s no surprise then that these gorgeous jet-setters gave us a show and conversed in fluent Spanish. Must be nice! They both clearly have a lot in common, which is excellent; they love to travel, they are spiritual AND they have amazing hair. Match made in heaven, anyone?



“Our chakras are definitely going to be aligned”

Keelan is the definition of a true warrior. He injured his back playing water polo and was immobile for a year following his accident.  His resilient spirit saw him conquer and learn to walk again, which is truly remarkable – and we all know Qiniso needs a remarkable man; one who will face a challenge head-on and come out on the other side stronger than ever before. And because he and Q love meditation as much as they do, we suspect Keelan is exactly the kind of man who might linger in her mind (blame the bracelet) and could earn that First Impression Rose.

Making a splash on the Red Carpet 



“I love photography and polaroids, so I’m excited. He’s a smooth operator”

Every girl loves a good pic, and we all know your man should double as your personal photographer – so Vuyani’s already excelling out the gate here. This sporty chap walked the red carpet armed with a camera and wasn’t afraid to take pics of our girl, which made him stand out for sure. Will he be the one to capture Qiniso’s heart and earn the 🌹? By the looks of it, he just might because he scored four kisses on the red carpet on premiere night, the most out of all the men. Smooth!



“This man is wearing a Jon Snow cape. My inner nerd is like *ding, ding*”

Ruan made quite the impression with his Game of Thrones get-up. But what’s nice about Ruan’s Red Carpet entrance is that he wanted to get the whole “Jon Snow doppelgänger” thing out of the way first, before Qiniso gets to know the real him. Qiniso liked this very much and was also taken by Ruan’s “cute Afrikaans accent.” Does Ruan have what it takes to be Lord of the realm of Qiniso’s heart? We’ll have to wait and see.



“You look so dashing. Great choice”

Life coach Marc stepped out of the limo looking like something out of a James Bond movie, prompting Qiniso to exclaim “You look dashing. Great suit choice.”

And although the name triggered Qiniso and brought out some buried emotions, all that was promptly forgotten when Marc handed her a bunch of carrots (yes, carrots), a special tool he uses to help people get their lives together, in his practice. If there’s one thing to bring to a Red Carpet to help you stand out, it’s definitely carrots, so kudos to you, Marc. There’s also something mysterious about Marc – and you know what that means! Plenty of surprises. And what woman doesn’t like surprises?



“This is what I need from these guys; to have their hearts on their sleeves”

Franco didn’t beat about the bush during his Red Carpet tête-à-tête with Qiniso. He gave her a box she can’t open until there are only 10 people left in the mansion and went into a heartfelt speech about infinite possibilities and creating new memories. Qiniso was super impressed with Franco’s earnest display of emotion too and said as much.  We love a romantic man who isn’t afraid to express himself! A great contender for that First Impression Rose.



“It was amazing to have someone see how important it was to me”

Mr Green-fingers Kyran is a man who pays attention! He decided to gift Qiniso with a unique plant to “keep the pests away” after he noticed (on The Bachelor SA) that she likes flowers. A quick and fail-proof way to worm your way into our Bachelorette’s heart, Kyran! Will he add the First Impression Rose to his collection? Only time will tell.



“I love moons and galaxies. Good move, this”

Athlete Justin is ready to run laps around Qiniso’s other suitors and he might just be head and shoulders ahead of the pack, courtesy of his special Red Carpet gift; a gorgeous painting of the moon and the galaxy. “If she wants the moon, I will put a lasso around it and get it for her,” he said explaining the significance of the gift. How sweet! Sweet enough for a First Impression Rose?



“I know who you are! Oh my gosh. I’m having a brain malfunction right now”

This one was a total blindside; we didn’t see it coming, neither did Qiniso! Turns out Qiniso and Peter were in the same Grade 5 class a couple of years ago, so imagine Q’s shock when Peter stepped onto the Red Carpet a decade and some change later. We think it’s so special that Peter dug up a class photo for his walk and Q thinks so too. We know they’ve met before, but will a now grown and sexy Peter get a First Impression Rose?



“It was so beautiful”

Lunga burst into a beautiful Xhosa poem that had Qiniso smiling from ear to ear on the Red Carpet. Despite *that* initial hiccup (Qiniso couldn’t get a word in), Lunga seems like a charming gent. Also, we’d imagine putting that together must have taken him days, which bears true testament to how serious he is about winning Qiniso’s heart – and we’re sure Qiniso noticed.

To find out who gets the First Impression Rose (and if Qiniso will be giving one away) watch The Bachelorette SA this Thursday at 19:30 on #MNet101.