Spider-Man: No Way Home unmasked

05 September 2022
We unmask interesting facts about Spider-Man: No Way Home.
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 Warning: contains spoilers!

There’s just no way we could keep these interesting facts about your favourite Spider-Man: No Way Home stars to ourselves.

Put up your feet, grab that cup of warm liquid, and read on.

My way or no way

Willem Dafoe is a man who knows his worth.

Dafoe wanted his Green Goblin role in the movie to be more substantial. As such, when approached by producer Amy Pascal and director Jon Watts, he insisted that he would join Spider-Man: No Way Home only if he could do his own stunts. It seems Pascal and Watts gave in.

Tom Holland cries while filming

Superheroes are humans too!

Spider-Man: No Way Home turned out to be an emotional and nostalgic roller-coaster for Tom Holland. While filming the scene with Aunt May (Marisa Tomei) dying, Holland got emotional and started crying. He later said a lot of what he was feeling came from the act of saying goodbye since he could be wearing the Spider-Man suit for the very last time. We understand Tom, no need to explain.

Thirty times a charm?

Believe it or not, but the scene where Goblin taunts Peter Parker inside Happy Hogan’s apartment was filmed at least 30 times and each time differently.

If this doesn’t solidify Dafoe’s commitment and versatility, what does?

Marisa Tomei spills the beans

Marisa Tomei couldn’t keep Spider-Man: No Way Home secrets to herself. Tomei leaked some of the movie spoilers to her therapist. Yep, we know a couple of Marisa Tomeis too.   

Zendaya  offers emotional support

Holland was so emotional shooting for the film, for emotional support, Zendaya had to visit him on sets even when she wasn't shooting.

Which of these facts is your favourite?

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