Skaapboer is coming to BoxOffice

22 March 2023
DStv’s BoxOffice to premiere hilarious local comedy Skaapboer, starring Keeno Lee Hector and Brümilda van Rensburg.
man in kombi surrounded by sheep and goats

Make a date with DStv and BoxOffice this April as local feature film comedy Skaapboer premieres on the video-on-demand platform.

The truly South African story that’s filled with heart and soul features a group of wacky characters and promises to entertain viewers young and old, making it the perfect family viewing experience.

Skaapboer zooms in on the life of Harold Bruyn, whose life takes an unexpected turn when he is fired on the day of his promotion at a bank. Banned from the financial world, he reflects on the carefree days of his childhood spent on a farm with his grandfather. With new determination, Harold takes a leap of faith and decides to become a sheep farmer in the heart of one of Johannesburg’s suburbs. Battling all odds, he learns the true meaning of life – that your worth lies in much more than a job title. But, when a shocking discovery reveals he was set up by a banking colleague, Harold must decide between reclaiming his former life or embracing his new life as a farmer.

The impressive cast features Keeno Lee Hector (Barakat, Unseen, Suidooster, Sara se Geheim) as Harold, Natalia da Rocha as Ma Mavis (Fraksie, Backstage, Arendsvlei), Brümilda van Rensburg (Egoli, Lui maar op, Belinda) as Mrs English, Setlhabi Taunyane (Rhythm City, Isidingo) as Philemon, Zane Meas (7de Laan, Isidingo) as Oupa, and June van Merch (Sara se Geheim, Barakat) as ou Rieta Bruyns as well as TV and radio presenter Zoë Brown who makes her film debut as Bernice.

Skaapboer was written and directed by Valenté Bosch, who shares: “Skaapboer combines comedy, irony, and a story of resilience in the face of obstacles. One man against the world. It showcases the everyday lives of people and challenges the stereotype that coloured men who have lost their jobs will resort to excessive drinking and criminal activities,” he says. “The film highlights the fact that there are men in our communities who make the right choices, even when everyone is against them. The message of the film is that righteousness can and does triumph.”

Skaapboer is available from 5 April to rent on BoxOffice.

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Skaapboer is a kykNET film written and directed by Valenté Bosch and produced by Samantha Bosch and Valenté Bosch.
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