Shark Tank SA: Plan My Wedding

27 November 2016
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Entrepreneur: Chelsea Evans (24) and Jason Newmark (34)

Business: Plan My Wedding 


Plan My Wedding is an app that helps couples source and book wedding vendors.

Fun Facts

  • Chelsea and Jason hooked up on Tinder two years ago, and are now a couple but nt married yet.
  • They realised that their business interests were similar and are now also business partners.
  • Jason traveled and worked in hospitality for several years in the UK and Spain.
  • Chelsea got a culinary qualification and then studied wedding planning and events.


In or Out?

Joint deal with Dawn and Gil R200 000 each for 25% each [R400 000 for 50% in other words] contigent on reducing their equity stake once they’ve made their investment back.

For more information on Plan my Wedding, check out www.planmywedding.co.za