Scariest haunted house movies

16 May 2022
Enter, if you dare.
the night house

Warning: This article contains scary footage.

Your Sunday night movie, The Night House stars Rebecca Hall as a woman who moves into a creepy lake house and uncovers dark secrets about her late husband's past. You're in for mystery and so much horror with this one. But before you watch, let's look at some of the scariest haunted house movies we've seen.


The Conjuring

It doesn't get creepier than this. The movie is based on the story of real-life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, who have a thirst for paranormal spirits and the paranormal world. They are summoned by a family to investigate their haunted house in Rhode Island, where the spirits don't play nice. The movie was very successful, has two sequels, and gave birth to the Annabelle movies, as well as The Nun and The Curse of La Llorona.

The Others

Nicole Kidman was epic in this psychological horror with a twist that had moviegoers gasping at the shocking twist at the end. The movie is set in the year 1945, and Kidman plays a mother with two children who are haunted by unwelcome spirits in their very creepy and very old mansion. As the movie unfolds, we learn more about these unwanted spirits and delve into the psychological trauma of Kidman's character.

Paranormal Activity

The Paranormal Activity franchise is often praised for its realistic found footage mechanism. One gets a sense of real horror because you think you're watching a video of something that is actually happening live. The franchise has seven movies under its belt, as well as a side sequel set in Japan.

The Grudge

The Grudge is the third instalment of Takashi Shimizu’s Japanese Ju-On horror series. The movie is about a deadly curse that follows people who enter a house where a brutal family murder took place. The movie was well-received for its horrifying scenes and realistic gory makeup, satisfying most horror movie lovers. A sequel was released a year later and following that an American remake with a bunch of its own sequels. 

The Ring

Naomi Watts was perfect for her role in this remake of Japanese horror. Even though this is not entirely a haunted house movie, the scenes that take place in a house are very chilling. The movie had some afraid to answer their phones after watching and had others whispering that terrifying phrase, "seven days". The movie also toyed with viewers' emotions and had them putting themselves in Watts's shoes in hopes of solving the horrific mystery. 


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