Review: Suits Season 5 Episode 6

07 August 2015
So it would appear that Louis Litt is capable of following orders after all. Who would have thought it?
Suits review S5E6

So it would appear that Louis Litt is capable of following orders after all. Who would have thought it? There was a whole new Louis in this episode and it was almost as though he enjoyed it as much as we did.

Seeing Mike and Lewis team up against the contemptible Jack Soloff was a breath of fresh air. We’re used to the smugly confident team of Spectre and Ross but there was something refreshingly different about the not-as-confident pairing of Litt and Ross.

The question, of course, is how long can Louis keep it up? Let’s face facts, being a team player is not in his nature and it’s probably only a matter of time until he blows his lid to reveal the vindictive and mean Louis we’ve all come to know and love. Let’s just hope that this time, his anger is directed at Jack Soloff and Daniel Hardman.

Yes. Revealed as Jack Soloff’s puppet master, the previously ousted name partner is back in the next episode and with another coup on the cards, Pearson Spectre Litt better gather the wagons and have each other’s backs.


Harvey, still blissfully unaware of the shady dealings going on at his own firm, is anything but blissful. In fact, he seems to be doing his level best to drive his new therapist, Dr. Agard, as far away as possible.

This week, Harvey uses her past confession about killing a patient against her in a deposition. That was cold and we couldn’t help but think that Harvey had clearly overstepped the line this time.

Dr. Agard, however, seems to be made of sterner stuff. Instead of dropping him like a hot potato, all it took was a little back and forth for her to take him back. Maybe this is the reason Harvey has relented and agreed to talk about his mother. Finally!

Something else that was a long overdue was the first meeting between Donna and Gretchen. Their little tête-à-tête in the filing room was like watching two lionesses sizing each other up before the big fight for dominance.

Fortunately, that fight never came and, instead, we could be witnessing the start of a beautiful friendship. Just as Harvey and Mike seem to be able to pull off miracles in the legal sense, something tells me Donna and Gretchen could conquer a small country if they put their minds to it.

What’s next for the lawyers of Pearson Spectre Litt? Is Hardman back for revenge? What exactly is the story behind Harvey’s mother?

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