Reasons we love Stabler

01 February 2022
Why detective Stabler makes it into our good books.

Detective Stabler has graced the Law & Order screens for more than a decade and gave us one of the most memorable TV cops.  Now he returns in the magnificent spin-off Law & Order: Organized Crime, reprising his character and taking on more complicated cases. Here are the reasons we love this fierce cop.


Stable is a no-nonsense-taking, straight-talking cop. He usually comes up with the most catchy phrases or one-liners when interrogating the bad guys or taking on his fellow colleagues! When Stabler speaks, you listen.


He has been known to put his life on the line with many of his cases. From jumping in front of bullets for his partner Olivia, getting into many brawls, and facing some of the deadliest criminal masterminds, this fearless cop has earned his bravery badge. 

His good instinct

Stabler meticulously pieces together information and picks up when something is seemingly off with a case. This proves to be very helpful in cracking the complicated cases that come his way. He uses his judgment well and sometimes takes an unconventional approach.

His honesty

We detect no dirty cop here! Stabler's honesty and integrity are most admirable when it comes to the job. When being interrogated in the courtroom, he says what he means and handles it with such poise. 

Going undercover

It's amazing how quickly he transforms into a totally new character when going undercover. This super detective has played everything from a drug dealer, an inmate, an alcoholic, and even a sex offender! Watch him fool this shady judge.

Family man

As hardcore as he can be, Stabler often shows us his softer side when it comes to his wife and kids. In earlier seasons of Law and Order: SVU, we often got a peek into his devoted husband and dad side.


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