Get real with RHOA!

14 October 2021
The ladies are back for another sizzling season.
TRHOA S13 Social Sharing Image

Season 13 of The Real Housewives Of Atlanta kicks off on Me. Get ready for real drama, real fights, and real entertainment!


Here are some reasons why we love them so much.

Real goals


The ladies have such epic goals, whether it comes to planning family events, ladies' days out, or putting hard work into their marriages.

Real issues

The ladies bare it all in front of the cameras and never shy from their problems. We've seen it all, from family heartache, infidelity, and divorce to the challenges of being a mother. We'll never forget that moment when Riley came clean about Kandi's true parenting skills. 

Real big mouths

If there's one thing we know for sure, the ladies walk the walk and talk the talk. The massive arguments are what often keep us glued to the screen, as major tea is often spilled - sometimes literally!

Real drama

It's drama galore for sure. Remember a shoe fight at a certain wedding... nuff said! 

Real shockers

The show often gives us unexpected twists. One of the biggest twists was when Kenya Moore returned in season 12, only to announce her plans to divorce her husband. That was one of the most talked-about moments in RHOA history. She certainly came back with a bang!

Real fashion

Amidst all the drama and trauma, the ladies manage to always look fabulous. Each of them delivers their own unique style. Hair, nails, and outfit are always on point. Guess when you're delivering such drama, you've gotta look good doing it.

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WATCH the season 13 promo below.

Settle in for the drama with RHOA season 13 on Monday to Thursday at 21:30 on Me.