Reactions: Dylan bows out, and more – The Bachelorette SA

02 April 2021
Here are all the reactions to last night’s episode of The Bachelorette SA.
Reactions: Dylan bows out, and more – The Bachelorette SA

Here are some standout moments from this week’s episode, as well as reactions from #BachelorNation across South Africa.

                                                                                         When everyone played dress-up

There’s nothing we love more than seeing Qiniso and her “humans” having a good time. This week, instead of heading out, the gents and their lady stayed in and had a fun indoor games day, complete with wine and pizza. Everyone got their pick of the fun outfits Qiniso had hauled in and dressed up as superheroes, musicians, and some iconic television and movie character (looking at you, Austin Powers). The gents also got to show off their skills in a fast-paced game of 30 seconds, Jenga (with a difference), twister, and more.

                                                                                   When Qiniso showed up in THAT number

Now we know the fashion on The Bachelorette SA is nothing to play with. From Qiniso herself to Jason and the gents – the fashion stakes are always high. Last night threw us for an entire loop however, because we really were not ready for Qiniso’s Cocktail Party look. It was giving young Tina Turner, mixed with a little Diana Ross, and some Beyonce thrown in for good measure. Whew!

                                                                                                Aviwe “rebooting”

The sun sets in the west, birds fly south in winter and Aviwe gets dizzy after spending any amount of quality time with Qiniso. These are the facts of life. 😂 Aviwe gave us yet another show last night after his chat with Q – and it was truly unforgettable.

                                                                                         When Dylan left the mansion


Shortly after Keelan’s Voluntary Exit last week, Dylan dropped a bombshell on Qiniso (and all of us really) and revealed he has decided to move on from life in the mansion. He opened up about where his headspace was at earlier in the day, before making his final decision at the Cocktail Party. Missed it? Watch below.

Dylan bows out