Quotes from Late Night that made us LOL

31 December 2020
Get laughing because we all need to right now.
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While many may be euphoric at seeing the end of 2020, the reality is the world remains in a precarious situation because of the ongoing pandemic, including South Africa. So M-Net is starting 2021 on a lighter note with Sunday night movies. It is one way to let the magic and hope in.

Late Night stars two brilliant actors: Emma Thompson (playing Katherine Newbury) and Mindy Kaling (playing Molly Patel). With that sort of star power, you're know you're in for a treat. Kaling is a comedy genius and Thompson is a living legend, the two combined is explosive.

With her late night talk show ratings in a free-fall, Newbury hires Patel as the only female staff writer in hopes of reviving the show, because well, diversity!

It is these sort of quotes from the movie that gave us a pretty good chuckle. And goodness, that is needed now more than ever!

Molly Patel (MP): "You love me."
Katherine Newbury (KN): "No, I didn't say that."
MP: "I mean not in those exact words but ..."
KN: "No, I didn't say it in any of those words."

KN: "We need to hire a woman. You’re fired, obviously."
[Gabe gets up to leave]
Gabe Eichler: "Just so you know, this show sucks, and has for years. Everybody’s here for the pay check."
KN: "That would mean so much more coming from someone with a job."

Burditt: "Hi, Katherine."
KN: "Oh, Burditt. Thank God. How’s your baby?"
Burditt: "She’s 27. Her baby’s doing well. She just started preschool. She’s, uh …"
KN: "Never mind. I don’t want to know. I don’t know why I asked actually."

MP: "So, you must be pretty new too. You don’t have any stuff."
Burditt: "Oh, I’ve been here 27 years. In case I get fired, I don’t want to get too comfortable."

MP: "You were knighted? You’re Dame Katherine Newbury?"
KN: "Mm-hmm. Knight sounds so much better than Dame though, doesn’t it? Knight is Lancelot and romance. Dame is just the old bag who takes too long in the grocery checkout line."

And one that made us say: "Aw."

KN: "Walter, I have invested in precisely two things my entire life, you and this show. I won’t lose it now! I can’t!"
Walter Lovell: "Then you have to fight again. Something you haven’t had to do for a long, long time. They want to replace you. But they can’t replace you if everyone loves you."

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