Questions! – Reyka

10 September 2021
We want to know!
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After eight thrilling episodes, Reyka is coming to an end this Sunday. The past seven episodes have kept us on the edge of our seats and these are just some of the questions we’re dying to (hopefully) get answers to in the finale.

What will happen to Reyka?
At the end of the seventh episode, Reyka went undercover to make another attempt at catching the sugar cane killer. But he caught her instead and now the police have a new suspect and they’ve lost track of Reyka. It’s exactly what happened to Nandi and we are hoping desperately that Reyka will not meet the same fate as her friend and colleague.

Is Lucy real?
We’re still so confused about whether or not Lucy is real. Was she another captor or just a figment of Reyka’s imagination? Or was it Portia pretending to be a little girl for Speelman’s disturbed proclivities?

Will Speelman stay away from everyone?
What’s Speelman’s plan of action now that he’s been released from jail? Will he seek out Reyka? Or Portia? Will he while away his last days, staying away from others? We certainly hope it’s the latter.

What will we watch next?
We’re going to miss the action and suspense of all the Reyka drama, but luckily there’s still plenty in store to keep you entertained. On a lighter note, but still with plenty drama of its own, is the third season of My Kitchen Rules SA as David Higgs and J’Something meet a fresh batch of home cooks all vying for R1 million and the winning title.

Speaking of a cool million, the Survivor SA finale is also on the cards with Immunity Island coming to an end on Thursday 16 September at 19:30 on M-Net. Make sure you tune in for the two-hour finale.

It’s not all about finales. Season 1 of Legacy is coming to an end, but there’s a new one right around the corner with season 2 starting on 20 September – with no production break in between. Remember that you can get early access to Legacy episodes a day earlier with DStv using your connected device.

There’s more local love currently happening with the Heritage Month Festival on M-Net Movies, DStv, and Showmax. And there are two M-Net Movies pop-up channels opening on 24 September: Hollywood’s Sexiest pop-up channel on DStv 111 and Lethal Legends on DStv 113. Sunday night movies will also be moving back to their regular slot, with The Croods: A New Age and Tenet airing in the last two weeks of September.

That’s just movies and local shows. There’s still plenty of romance, drama, and action with all the international shows on the bingeing radar like Evil season 2, Magnum P.I. season 3, and The Blacklist season 8. There's also the local documentary Zero to Zero coming up, but that's in October! Yoh! It's going to be jam-packed. 🎉

So fret not! There’s plenty to keep you hooked this September. If you missed any Reyka episodes – or missed the show completely – you can catch up with DStv too. Perfect bingeing opportunity!

The Reyka finale airs Sunday 12 September at 20:00 on M-Net channel 101.
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