Qiniso’s Top 5 Looks on The Bachelor SA

15 July 2020
Slaying style!
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South Africa’s very first Bachelorette, Qiniso Van Damme, is so drop-dead-gorgeous she could wear a paper bag and still look good. But, of course, thanks to her time on The Bachelor South Africa we got to see her slaying all kinds of fabulous outfits.

In anticipation of The Bachelorette South Africa and all the glam looks and styles she’s sure to nail, let’s take a look back at five of our favourite cocktail party outfits that she wore during season 2 of The Bachelor SA.

Episode 1
Qiniso made first impressions count. We were just as awestruck by this lovely lass as Marc was when she walked down the red carpet in this beautiful and dramatic strapless gown. And the fact that her gift – a delicious monster – perfectly suited the dress is the cherry on top.

1594826874 25 the bachelor sa episode 1 qiniso


Episode 2
During the season we often saw Qiniso in red and black, but this cream number proves she can pull off any colour. And we’re in love with her hairstyle 😍

1594826949 25 the bachelor sa episode 2 qiniso


Episode 3
If we had to choose our all-time, number one favourite Qiniso outfit, it would be this one! It’s sleek, sexy, and sophisticated and shows that it doesn’t always have to be about sequins, skirts and lace.

1594827021 25 the bachelor sa episode 3 qiniso


Episode 5
If we had to start ranking her outfits from 1 to 5, this one would land after the black pantsuit. The look suggests a butterfly and again it’s sexy yet sophisticated! The makeup complements the look perfectly, while her hair pulled up and back adds a flair of drama. This butterfly is ready to soar!

1594827084 25 the bachelor sa episode 5 qiniso


Episode 7
Qiniso wore a number of red numbers during the season – and she’s started The Bachelorette SA with it too – but our favourite from The Bachelor SA was this dress! Its rich, red colour is fit for a queen, and with its simple yet elegant design, really proves that less is more. We also love the soft curls that frame her face – along with the subtle flower detail on the dress, it adds a playfulness to the sexiness of the low cut.

1594827150 25 the bachelor sa episode 7 qiniso

Check out more of Qiniso’s The Bachelor SA cocktail party looks in the gallery below and share your favourites on social media using #TheBacheloretteSA.

Remember: Entries to The Bachelorette South Africa season 1 are now open. Click here to enter.

The Bachelor SA Season 2 Episode 2 Qiniso
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The Bachelor SA Season 2 Episode 2 Qiniso